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Nursing Aide

30 Interview Questions & Answers

Tell me about one of your most memorable patients.

Example #1
"I remember the first patient I was ever assigned to when I became a nursing aide. It was my first day to work on the hospital floor with my own patients. One of my patients was an elderly man who was very frail. I had to give him a bed bath and shave his face. The bath was fine, but I was so afraid to shave a man's face. He was calm and so sweet. He talked me through every step. To some people, they may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it meant the world."
Example #2
"One of my favorite patients ever was an elderly lady that lived in a long-term care facility where I worked previously. Every morning she wanted her hair rolled and makeup done. It didn't matter if there was an activity or outing scheduled, or if she was just going to be 'home.' She said her mother always told her to look her best no matter what and that is what she did."
Example #3
"I have so many patients that come to mind when you ask that question. One of the residents that lived in a nursing home where I used to work was a very special man. He had been a doctor before sickness and age made him have to retire and then move to the nursing home. He was very depressed when I first met him. He wouldn't come out of his room for any activities, wouldn't get dressed in anything but pajamas. I spent every extra moment I had with him, talking, telling stories. After a long time, he finally began to come out of his shell and tell me stories of when he was younger. He began to get dressed and even began to come to the dining room for meals if I would walk with him. I will never forget him."
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