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Being able to balance your hectic work schedule with your personal responsibilities and goals is often difficult. Psychologists today say that having a healthy work/life balance is crucial to help prevent becoming too stressed which could result in physical complications. The interviewer wants to know that you identify with the need for having a healthy life balance.


Answer Example

"You're right. Work can be stressful at times. I think that's true with any profession. I try to leave work at work, so to speak. I enjoy cooking and gardening and on my off time from work, I dedicate a great deal of time to those hobbies. It helps me feel productive, but not overworked."

Entry Level

"I really enjoy being outdoors. Anything that has to do with bicycling or hiking is something I could do every day. When I'm off work, I like to spend some time each week in the outdoors. It's good exercise which helps reduce stress and anxiety and helps promote good heart health, as well."


"I am actually a black belt in karate. A few evenings a week I help teach a youth karate class. It is a great way to relieve stress for me and to help teach youth the importance of discipline and self-care."

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