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What are your weaknesses?
Are you aware of your weaknesses? Interviewers understand that we have weaknesses, and they want to hear that you understand yourself. Think of an area of your life that you are proactively working to improve, and openly share it. Perhaps your weakness is that you get nervous speaking in front of large groups of people. The key to this question is ensuring that you acknowledge your weakness and that you are taking steps to grow in this area. It shows the interviewer that you have initiative. Think about ways you have stretched yourself to grow in your area of weakness. Did you sign up to speak at a conference to give yourself the opportunity to develop your public speaking skills? Tell the interviewewr what you are doing to improve and grow.

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your weaknesses?
By attending seminar and reading knowlegable material.
Take lots of notes from what I learned so I wont forget, ask questions, join web groups on medical assistance.
Build on my skills, get my BMO license.
How I would improve as a medical assistant would be gaining even more knowledge by studying;
I would read more practice more and pay clos attention to my peers or co worker.
Renew my skills that I was taught initially in school, but was unable to utilize in my previous employment.
I would do anything a takes I will take seminars classes and work overtime to learn what I do not know and better myself in the filed.
Learn about different tradition or back ground from different patients.
I would take the cma test and also attend workshops provided at my school.
Learning more about the medical field.
I would carry a note pad and right notes about the tasks that need to be accomplished during the day. That way I know that I would be more organized and I can check off the tasks completed.
Why are you interested in medical assisting.
Pay lots attention to detail if I make mistakes admitt try not to make the same mistake again.
Take more certification classes, and join a professional organization.
By showing patients that you care about their health.
How do you accept professional ethics.
Keep stretching myself and learning more.
I would improve myself by pay more attention to detail and helping patients to understand and help there needs.
I like reading to keep myself updated with new medical informtion.
I would ask more questions and really pay attention to my more experienced peers and Supervisors to watch what they do noticing anything that may be helpful to me as a medical assistant.
Try to educated myself more about the woking situations.
I would set goals that would help improve my performance and help the practice.
I would like to continue learning and sitting in on various procedures. This way I will continue to gain experience and find different methods of helping people.
I always keep myself updated with the recent scientific evidence.
Learn more information about different specialty areas.
I would take any courses that are available to keep up with what is going on.
I would take some continued education courses pertaining to the clinic I worked for. I would love to know the most frequently prescribed for different diag. Or problems.
Learn new skills and continue to make sure that the ones I am using are affective.
To improve myself, I would like to take some more online courses and always have an open mind to learning new things.
I would always be open to learing new things. I am open to critisum.
Expose myself to all situations if I can, that way I can learn more and/or learn something new.
I would like to improve my self by taking online courses in different office jobs, I plan to take a online pay roll course as well as keeping up with computer courses. so much changes are made to certain computer programs so I would like to look into taking more à
I would like to take more courses in different areas. For example I would like to do some courses like a pay roll course, as well as.
Always look to refresh skills.
I would pay attention & learn every detail and learn new procedures as I further my career as Medical Assistant.
Continue hand on hand experience and further education.
Paying close attention to my peers, asking questions at any time, being open to constructive criticism, and pushing myself outside of work to hone my skills.
In order to better myself as a medical assistant I would definitely say that I would have to spend less time with an individual patient. There are several patients that are comfortable with speaking to me only, and I may have to stop what I am doing just to tend to them. It isnt an issue because I enjoy helping but I feel that I may spend to much time helping the patient because of course I want them to have the best experience when visiting or calling the office.
I improve myself to be a better medical assistant, mainteing taking my continuning education, and updating my certification. This is important because the healthfield all time is in continue chainge.
By asking for constructive criticism from colleagues. To be aware of my weaknesses, and to work on them.
Ask my manager and colleagues for constructive criticism. And to be aware of my weaknesses.
Take notes, listen to my co-worker(s), manager, physician.
By leting me into your field and showing my technique.
Ask questions, observe, and learn.
I would keep abreast of new medical assistant training opportunities.
Keep reinventing myself and do research on possible new medical techniques that would improve my chances of assisting others in case of an emergency.
I would learn to adapt best at the office that I am working in and make it a better office by working hard.
Learn from my mistakes and learn from others.
I would take extra courses that I felt would help me gain more knowledge or skills as a medical assistant.
I would be open to suggestions that could improve my skills and work on continue education.
I would be more confident in my ability to do the job .
Look for additional classes to take within the field.
By studying and practicing a little more.
Knowledge is power.One can never learn to much, there should always be room for improvement,I am an open-minded person,I am always eager to learn.
I improve myself by never stopping to learn. I stay up-to-date on the latest policies for my career.
I always ask questions to learn and have a better understanding of certain things.
Brush up on my typing skills.
Learn from my fellow coworkes.
There is always something to learn. I keep my mind and heart open to learn more. I always take courses or attend seminars which are medical related given by billing department; or by Plexia program;
To improve my skills in all areas each day so I will be able to help my patients even better.
Strong confident to performed and motivated to mastering medical assisting skills.
Continue my education so my responsibilities are not limited when assisting the doctor.
Keeping up with all the updated procedures.
Update the knowledge and try to give all the answers of patient, be polite and calm.
With concentration and team work.
I would improve myself by reading up and studying on the practice and what yall offer and to go above and beyond for your practice.
By always helping out patients on time and with smile.
I improve myself by practicing my skill sets and what I mean by is practicing looking over materials, going to meetings where we can get a fresh practice on what we need to improve or brush up on so I can be able to stay on top of my work.
I would definitely need some hands on work to improve in medical assisting there are always new illnesses arrising.
By taking advantage of all my resources and training opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience as a Medical Assistant.
I was trained in giving correct immunization and doing venipuncture with adults, however I would really like to do venipuncture with children and to master taking blood on a very difficult veins.
I am the type of person who likes to accomplish goals, and I really beat up on myself when a task has to be pushed. I am attempting to correct this with time management and prioritizing.
I can be somewhat of a perfectionist, I like to keep things highly organized so when I need information weither it be for a pt. Or for a prior auth, I can get that info for them.
I feel that I can sometimes take work home with me. If a task is not complete it does not sit well in my mind. So I'll take the time at home to come up with a better game plan for the next day to ensure that those tasks are met:
My sensitivity. I can be very hard on myself If I do something wrong. I never like to make the same mistake twice. If a patient for some reason becomes upset with me I will think about all day and when I go home.
I can have a bit of Type A personality. I like when everything is done according to procedure and on time. Of course life is not like that.
My weakness would be my extra craving fro being a perfectionist. I thoroughly try to done every thing with a perfection that sometimes requires you to put more hardowork until I made it to my own sati factionary level.
My weaknesses has to be phone etiquette.
I am shy at first but when I get know about others I will become more friendly.
My weakness is not having much experience working with billing so far just training watching my last employer and no hands on as of yet.
I have enough clinical skills and knowledge to serve patients.
I am a very detail person, I pay attention to every detail which sometimes can be time consuming but I learn to managed it.
I prefer clinical responsibilities over front office tasks, but I'm comfortable enough with front office to be able to do the job efficiently.
Not knowing what to say to a patient about a chronic illness.
A weakness of mine would be public speaking. I took a communication class in college to help me get more comfortable with public speaking.
It is hard to stay what my weaknesses are because I am a new medical assistant. I would have to say that my lack of experience is a weakness.
Pharmacology. I always have to look up generic/brand names.
My greatest weaknesses that I consider myself to be someone who creative and imagentive and I enjoyed developing new approaches of solving problems.
I don't like to said weaknesses I would like to say areas that should be improve.
I have a tendency to be critical of my own work. But, I have learned to not be so hard on myself and continue to do my best work. People also think that as a new graduate, I am at a disadvantage. But I believe that being a new graduate is an asset because I'm moldable and I am eager to learn.
I'm a self starter that is able to manage prioritizing my work load.
Being so detailed oriented that sometimes it can create me to be a little bit slower.