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25 Market Research Analyst Questions and Answers

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How do you assist clients who are unclear on their business objectives?
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If you are not sure what exactly a client is trying to accomplish with their business plan, your job will be a whole lot trickier! What are some of your strategies for solving this problem? Before taking on a new project, having your client fill out a questionnaire that lays out their business objectives and what services they need from you will help. Think about some ways you can assist your clients through doing your own target market research to help them define their audience. You can also help them understand trends in the market that could make them more profitable if they would be willing to make some adjustments to their original plan. There are many ways you can use your analytical skills to help businesses and clients. Give an example or talk about a project in one of your courses where you used research, analysis or collaboration to help clarify objectives and move forward.
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