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Why analyze the market?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Market Research Analyst interview

The answer may seem obvious to you, but how would you explain it? Break it down as if you were talking to a client. Some of your clients may not have the knowledge to know why analyzing their target market will be so important to their future business. By saying, "Market analysis will benefit your ability to make sound decisions as you develop your product," you have already shared one way analysis is helpful. You could continue by listing how researching changing technologies and competitor activity are beneficial as well. Give a brief explanation and be sure to use terminology that is relevant to your audience.
Basic answer example
"Market analysis will benefit your ability to make sound decisions as you develop your product,"

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Why analyze the market?
I would like to move forward and work for the betterment. I don't think I have to change something to move forward.
I would change the speed of advancement and try to advance in my career faster.
I love the field I am working in and I want to make the most of all the opportunities I have had and that lay ahead in this field for me. My aim is to venture into consulting for which I need to be in the front face of the research to avail opportunities of Consulting face to face with the client.
I would improve my skills.
I am happy about the way it is now. I knew my choices and I am sure it will lead me to my goals.
I would have tried to work in the market research division sooner.
I would like to change the way I behave sometime with my co-workers thats harsh sometime.
I wouldnt change something. Our choices determine who we are. I'm 22 years old, holding a BSc in Chemistry an MSc in Drug discovery and pharmaceutical sciences. I haven't missed not even a month in my life doing nothing. I think it's the inertia we should change not the attempt to be better.
Nothing to change up to now.
Learn more for professional growth.
Learn all the market changes in every day.
I want to be challenged more and would like to make an impact in researching market analyst. That is why this position is perfect for me.
Not wasted my time in accounting as this is something I can not see myself in. It does not suit my personality.
Nothing. I enjoy research and analysis.
Be professionally certified in market research.
The career perpective which is benefited for the society.
To get into market research.
Nothing, but currently I am not earning, and my expectations will be very high as my mindset is like that basically.
I want to learn new things and keeps on polishing my skills.
The value of money related to everything.
Nothing as such because I have learnt alot from each of phase in my career, though it would be in Sales or being a Business analyst or as a people manager.
I 'm quite satisfied with my current career and already changed in the past to get it on right track.
I would not like to change my career but wold like to improve myself in my field.
More or less, I would like to attain growth in my respective field.

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