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Have you ever called off work at your last position? What was your reason?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Baker interview

Assure the hiring manager that you are reliable and that you come to work when expected.

Basic answer example
"In my last position, I took just 2 days off in one year. Both absences were excused as I had a long weekend planned. I do not take many holidays and do not get sick very often. You can be assured that I will show up for work on time, and when expected."

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Have you ever called off work at your last position? What was your reason?
Yes. Everybody needs a off day to be happy. We are not machine. Safety first before anything.
I have only ever called off a shift when I was extremely unwell, or had a family emergency.
The only times I ever called off work were when I had a death in the family and I was sick I didn't want to risk spreading anything.

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