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1. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. What did they request?
2. How do you think we stand out from our competitors?
3. What do you know about our bakery?
4. What makes you the best candidate for this job?
5. Do you enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes?
6. How do you keep organized while baking? How do you keep a schedule for what needs to be done?
7. Have you ever done any marketing for your former or current bakery?
8. Sometimes our bakery gets crowded. Will you get stressed out if a line starts forming?
9. Have you ever had a rude customer? How did you deal with them?
10. Which baking skills do you consider yourself an expert in?
11. Are you always on time for work?
12. When did you first start baking?
13. How well do you follow recipes?
14. What do you find most challenging about being a baker?
15. Tell me about baking disaster you have had. How did you redo the recipe and make a good product?
16. How important is it for you to get this job at our bakery?
17. What different frosting methods do you know how to use?
18. Baking can be stressful. When have you worked in a stressful environment with deadlines to meet?
19. What are your favorite things to bake?
20. Have you ever called off work at your last position? What was your reason?
21. What other skills, besides baking, would you bring to our bakery?
22. What steps do you take to ensure little ingredients are wasted, or go bad, in your current bakery?
23. Tell me about your education, if any, in the culinary arts.
24. Do you have a professional mentor? Who do you look up to in this industry?
25. How do you stay up to date on the latest trends in cakes?
26. Are you able to quickly calculate and convert volume measurements between Metric, Imperial, and US Customary?
27. What would your last meal be on Earth if you had to choose?
28. Do you wish to own your own bakery one day?
29. How long do you foresee yourself working at this bakery, if hired?
30. Have you ever had an odd baking request? What did you do?
31. If I were to give you a recipe to follow but you felt your own method was better, how would you handle that?
32. Tell me about the largest or most complicated wedding cake you have ever created.