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What portion of your job involves software development, project management and application integration?

"My day consists of a variety of different activities. While some of these are related to application integration, the largest amount of time is spent with non-integration-related tasks that I consider administrative. Regarding the three you asked about, I spend about 20% of my time developing software, 10% managing projects, and 30% doing work directly related to application integration. The balance of my day is spent in meetings, paperwork, and training."

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30 Application Integration Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. What portion of your job involves software development, project management and application integration?

  • 2. Describe for me how you perform continuous improvement, working with other information technology personnel to increase the application environment's capacity, reliability, and efficiency.

  • 3. Can you describe how you create and use a test plan to determine an application integration project's compliance with the stakeholder requirements?

  • 4. How do you implement a data transfer methodology that maximizes throughput and ensures data integrity?

  • 5. What is a Human Machine Interface (HMI), and how do you use it?

  • 6. Can you describe the data structure layout and data flow model elements you consider when creating an application integration strategy?

  • 7. Describe for me the details included in your design for an application integration project.

  • 8. How engaged are you with the network architecture and protocols used to support the applications you integrate?

  • 9. Tell me about how you create detailed equipment specifications and data sheets, vendor selection criteria.

  • 10. Can you describe some of the standards, templates, and guidelines you've developed in your past roles as an application integration engineer?

  • 11. How important is it to perform a security analysis when developing an application integration strategy?

  • 12. Do you have experience performing a cost justification analysis for an application integration project, and can you describe how you do this?

  • 13. Do you feel that documentation is a critical part of an application integration engineer's job, and if so, why?

  • 14. Please walk me through the steps involved in a typical application integration project.

  • 15. What are some of the jobs you've performed in the past that have helped qualify you for an application integration engineer's role?

  • 16. What major challenges and problems did you face in your last position?

  • 17. What is an API, and what function does it perform?

  • 18. What is the average time to complete an API integration on a software application once it is initiated?

  • 19. How does API contribute to application integration?

  • 20. What are some of the more common applications and tools used in application integration?

  • 21. What are the key qualifications for an application integration engineer?

  • 22. What are you doing to keep current in technology?

  • 23. Describe the most creative work related project you completed.

  • 24. Why are you the best application integration engineer for us?

  • 25. What excites you the most about a career as an application integration engineer?

  • 26. Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

  • 27. What motivates you as an application integration engineer?

  • 28. Why should we hire you?

  • 29. How do you evaluate success?

  • 30. What is your greatest weakness?