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Tell me about a career related goal that you set and did not reach.
Tell the interviewer about a goal you set for yourself, but failed to meet. Show the interviewer that you are ambitious and, rather than giving up, you are going to try to achieve that goal again. Everyone has goals they have failed to reach so do not be embarrassed about that aspect. The interviewer is more interested in knowing that you are persistent and tenacious.
Answer examples
"Last January, I set a goal to learn the Python programming language by June; however, a few unexpected work based projects came up which slowed my progress. Instead, I have been practicing and studying the language every Sunday evening. I hope to be comfortable with the programming language by August."
"I wanted to become a Director in my field by the time I was ## years old. It took me longer than I expected but I realized I needed to go through the experiences I had in order to be the type of Director I am today."
"I wanted to have my certification by now, but it takes a lot of time to study, and I have to maintain a certain number of continuing education hours. I have not been able to do that with my current workload yet. But, I will."
Sales answer example
"I set a goal to manage a regional division of our sales team despite the position not existing to date. I see it as a need in the company, and I am working with the executive team to show them that as well. Currently, the goal is to have created this position and be promoted to it by Q1 of next year."
Retail answer example
"Several years ago, I set the goal of being department manager of the Juniors department by X age. Currently, that would have been six months ago, and I am, as you know, actively pursuing the role with your organization, since I believe it high time I move on and grow beyond my current company. At this time, I know I have the skill set needed to succeed in the role and am eager to learn anything additional in order to succeed while in the position."
Teacher answer example
"It may not sound related, but I grew up playing soccer all the way through high school and college. That said, I have always wanted to coach high school soccer. I got the opportunity a few years ago, and am the freshman girls' coach, but set my goal that I would be head varsity coach within 5 years. So far, no such luck. They want to have a high school teacher coaching the team, and since I'm not willing to move to the high school, I can't reach that goal. I've thought hard about it, but my heart is in the classroom first exposing little minds to a new language, and sometimes you have to let go of one goal in order to achieve another. For now, I am content with this. Of course, if an opportunity arose to both teach at the elementary level and coach high school, I would be all over it, so I hope D205 is more open to that possibility!"

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a career related goal that you set and did not reach.
At Sterns Department Store, I was a Department Manager in the Juniors Department. We had a new designer to feature and I set a department goal to sell out of the product in a month. I was a new manager and had done some research- talking to other managers, noting the rate of sale of other products, and judging the response from customers when they first tried the product on.<br /><br />And even though these items were almost always ones the girls would select to try on, they did not buy them at the rate I was expecting. I did not meet my goal and learned a valuable lesson from that experience.
To work in mnc companies.
I seem to set the lose weight goal. And never accomplish.
In high school I ran track and would set goals for myself that I would hope to reach by the next meet. There was one instance when I wanted to have a better Personal Record, or PR; I shortened my time by .4 seconds because I thought that that was something that I could achieve in under a week. I worked very hard to meet it, but fell short by .1 of a second, I was disappointed, but it just inspired me to work harder towards my next goal.
For me goals are meant to achieve, it may not be achievable as of this moment for I'm continously striving to be successful in my career.
I have always reached the goal and set targets.
I had set a goal to complete my field work report in 2 months but couldn't reach it as I had finished it successfully within one and a half month.
My goal to be the best I can be is still something I seek to obtain. I believe it is a lifelong attempt that I pursue on a daily basis.
Many goals if you have time to read it mail me because it takes a day . See many things happens in our life the things happening around us not by fate only by us. So every goal I fail makes me a newer person and I a decision made by me goes wrong the next time it would not go wrong because I learn my mistakes and corrected them.
Last year, I planned to complete the Azalea Trail Run. I am not the most athletic person so this would have been a great success for me. However, I injured my knee while running and was not able to participate in the race. I look forward to completing the race in the near future, however.
I anm very glad I got my EMBO Reports paper, no offence but I wuld have mot minded a Cell... I guess there is a good dose of luck in any project, no way you know how interesting a project will turn out to be before developing it.
Starting and not finishing my childcare cousre which is the only target I have not reached and what I deeply regret.
Often times I would have set time aside for building a protoype circuit or test fixture, and my priorities would have to change in order to meet another deadline that would require more urgent attention.
Most goals I set I try really hard to achieve and once my mind is set on it it uasually gets accomplished.
Set a certain sales goal but did not achieve due to weather.
I wanted to retire when I was fifty years old. I had a family, bought a home and put my kids through school. So actually I reached three goals by not reaching one.
I would love to become a Psychologist. After obtaining my bachelor's degree however, I had to beging working immediately, and I did not have the chance to attend graduate school.
I make goals to achieve it and it has not yet happened that I made a goal and did not achieve it.
Try to have 100% compliance with all my patients home care. I don't think it was a reasonable goal. But striving for it does help increase those compliance numbers.
I reach all goals Iset for myself if I can. If I cannot then I keep trying till I reach the goal.
To date I have not set any goal that I did not reach. However, I do have a goal now I am hoping will be achieved through my qualifications, experience and this interview.
I wanted to achieve my goals in software field but do to bad programming skills I couldnt...
To have at least 4 employess sersafe certified.
Planning an Animal Shelter event because the director was fired.<br />
To wake up 4 in the morning, every day.
I drafted many proposals. One was for an art show, that would showcase children's art from around the world. But we unable to work it in our budget. But it great to sharpen my grant writing skills.
CEO post of the company.
Well I wanted to go to a good foreign university abroad . I actually got into one but could not go cause of financial issues<br />
To know most of the dpts wthin ops.
At a recent fund raising event my goal was to raise 10000.00 for the youth to attend the youth congress in Vancouver. I was unable to reach that fundraising goal and was able to raise only 7000.00 - lesson learnt never have funraising events within a couple of months of each other - as in the first event we went over our projected goal and then fell short in the latter.
Well to be very honest I didn't happened with me. The situation was only that I hadn't set a goal without the core planning for the same.
I set a lot of goals for myself, 3 month goals, 6 month goals, year goals and 3 year goals. I achieve a considerable number and do not reach a significant number too. I would like to quote my goal of trying to reach an x number of income in year x, I was at 60% of the stated income when the time came, this ignited the concept of multiple streams of income, though im an avid follower of active streams rather than passive ones. Leading to weekend consulting projects and other acitivities that generate income other than my direct job, without hurting my 9-5 work.
To be an gold medalist and semester topper in college days. But I cant attain that<br />
I am interested to work in army ervices.
I made a goal to exercise 6 days a week for 3 months. I only made it about 3 weeks before I got burned out. It is important to set realistic goals and work your way up to really ambitious goals.
A goal that I set WAS getting honor roll, but I did not reach it.
I had a goal that I would graduate in 4 years but was not able to reach it because of degree requirements.
For one of my classes I got a C on the first exam and a B on the second exam. I had to get an A on the final exam in order to receive an A in the class. I studied very hard but unfortunately I got a B in the course. I wasn't very upset because I still got a B on the final and knew my material and that I did my best.
To go to college and graduate. I wanted to get a diploma but I lacked one course and didn't get it. Now I'm here and I'm not complaining.
Yes my goal was becoming a doctor because of my financial status I had changed my stream and become a engineer.
I always wanted to be the best in my class in secondary school but unfortunately always came second so got frustrated to the extent that I had to start tutionz just to beat her.
I wanted to be a millionaire but I am a beggar now.
I was trying to run a 5:30 mile. I was training pretty often, but I could never quite make it in 5:30 or under. Finally, I pulled my hamstring and had to stop running for a while. It took me a long time to recover and I still haven't reached a 5:30 mile.
When I left o level in 1984, we said with my classmates that we would meet at Nairobi University after the a level class 2 years later. My a level scores did not warrant hence, I only could visit them. But I said however, late I must get a degree, thats why 26 years later I graduated with Bsc IT.
My goal is to get a job. I'm compleating B.Tech I can attend a proper job now I cannot reach my goal.
I set a goal to secure a job in my degree field within 2 years of graduating. I have not been able to due to lack of experience. I've applied for man jobs and even offered to volunteer my time so I can gain experience and add to my resume but have not found the one who will give me a chance to prove myself.
Translation of scientific findings into working solutions through innovative tools.
To be a volunteer at any private practices just to get an experience before I get into medical school and being a doctor.
There was a product that I wanted to release and it was for a big customer. Due to exorbitant delay in getting the SW we could not prove that product and finally customer cancelled the order.
Continue my education specifically in the area of nutrition and diet.
I thought about to make my career in HR. But being in the IT feild now I think that I can do well in IT feild.
I have established a goal of starting to become more physically fit, and with my work schedule and my current location it has become harder to accomplish my goal, but I have actually purchased diffent home dvd and fitness activities to accomplish my goal while at home.
One goal that I had set and did not reach was to go to school to be a medical assitant the reason I didn't reach it is because I believe that I wanted a different career and know I'm on the path to getting my masters in Sociology.
Being on the volleyball team in my school. I had worked out and played volleyball the whole summer to be ready the day of tryouts and I didnt make it.
Complete our house before husband passed.
4.0 every semester. Got a 3.8 one semester.
I did not come across any time I was unable to met my goals I always try my best to achieve them and so far I am sucessfull in doing that.
I wanted to make a lot of tips in decemberit didint happen because some.
The goal of losing weight and not having the motivation to execute this goal.
Vp of recruitment, not being a vet.
I set a goal to ensure that the AXN/Canal sonyweb sites were optimized from a performance, UI and overall usuability standpoint. Unfortunetly, I have not acheived what I set out to do in this regard as I keep getting pulled into other, larger scale projects. Also we had to downsize the team for budget reasons which has severly hamstrung our ability to address all the different areas of conerns across the 4 verticals I oversee.
Goal of becoming a LND nurse. I have yet accomplished the goal but I know I will one day.
I have always reached my goals for now because they always mean a lot to me.
200 athletes into my first team program which would have doubled our public housing and USA swimming grant money. We ended with 182 members.
I set a goal to earn A's my senior year in all 7 classes. I was going to withdraw from most of extracurricular activities in order to set aside more study and tutoring time so that I can be prepared for all of my classes. At the end of the year I earned 6 A's and 1 B. Even though I didn't reach my goal I was proud of what I had accomplished. I don't believe I wouldn't have reached it if I hadn't set the goal.
When I worked in shipping I wont to catch a big booking, an shipment with 40 containers/week from a biggest company of my country.
Goal of reaching Allstar. Although I have yet to reach it. I believe that I have learned and grown so much in the process. Everytime someone else receives the award. I am able to learn something from that person.