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Tell me about a career related goal that you set and did not reach.
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I made a goal to exercise 6 days a week for 3 months. I only made it about 3 weeks before I got burned out. It is important to set realistic goals and work your way up to really ambitious goals.
At Sterns Department Store, I was a Department Manager in the Juniors Department. We had a new designer to feature and I set a department goal to sell out of the product in a month. I was a new manager and had done some research- talking to other managers, noting the rate of sale of other products, and judging the response from customers when they first tried the product on.<br /><br />And even though these items were almost always ones the girls would select to try on, they did not buy them at the rate I was expecting. I did not meet my goal and learned a valuable lesson from that experience.
many goals if you have time to read it mail me because it takes a day . see many things happens in our life the things happening around us not by fate only by us. so every goal i fail makes me a newer person and i a decision made by me goes wrong the next time it would not go wrong because i learn my mistakes and corrected them
Planning an Animal Shelter event because the director was fired.<br />
yes my goal was becoming a doctor because of my financial status i had changed my stream and become a engineer.
Continue my education specifically in the area of nutrition and diet.
I always wanted to be the best in my class in secondary school but unfortunately always came second so got frustrated to the extent that i had to start tutionz just to beat her
Set a certain sales goal but did not achieve due to weather
Vp of recruitment, not being a vet.
Last year, I planned to complete the Azalea Trail Run. I am not the most athletic person so this would have been a great success for me. However, I injured my knee while running and was not able to participate in the race. I look forward to completing the race in the near future, however.