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Tell me about a time when you had to be incredibly precise in order to successfully complete a job. How did you feel about paying that much attention to detail?
Think of a project where you had to pay special attention to the details. Recall the extra focus you took in making sure each detail of the job was completed with 100% accuracy. Be sure to mention what the positive outcome was!
Answer examples
"I conducted an inventory for our warehouse space and in order to reconcile the count properly, we had to be precise and accurate in all items or shorts. In operations and finance, it is a large factor that determines your success."
"We had a customer that place an unusually large order that consisted of similar, but different times. I counted and recounted that order probably 20 times before giving it the go ahead to ship. I was happy to put forth that much effort for our customer."
Sales answer example
"I had a customer place an order for looking for 100 different units with a commitment to buying at least 20 of them. We had a list of exactly what each requirement was and by the time you have 100 different units with varying features, the order was really complex. I spent hours compiling the different approved scenarios in a spreadsheet. Once the list of options to purchase was compiled, I meticulously went through each and every one of them multiple times to check that they, in fact, met the requirements. I was able to pitch 62 units to him that met his requirements and he purchased 48 of them. Not only was that a huge project that I had to put myself and my team under a magnifying glass in order to succeed, but also it had a really great close ratio."
Retail answer example
"When collaborating on and executing corporate's vision for the revamp of our department within the entire renovation of the store, I had to be very exacting. Not only in a literal sense that I had to be very careful and exact with my measurements as I proposed how the department be configured, but also in my execution and delegation of tasks. If we were to achieve the vision that would make our store fit cohesively with the company nationwide, while still being unique, and yet fitting into the vibe that our particular store had going, I had to be sure that both I and my team were on top of our game, or we would be wasting time and money in exchange for a whole lot of headache. I actually enjoy paying really close attention to detail. I love planning weddings, rooms, baby or bridal showers, etc. so this was right up my alley!"
Teacher answer example
"Since I teach in other teachers' classrooms, I have to plan around their schedules as well as being sure that I can physically make it into each class on time. I literally end one class at the same minute that I start another, so I have to be very precise in not only paying attention to staying on time, but also when I set up the schedule. As much as possible, I try to plan it so I go from down the row of classrooms so it's close and simple, but that doesn't always work. Therefore I have had to get really good at ending precisely at the moment it hits our last minute, and boogie down the hall to the next class. It's like a puzzle trying to get it all planned out seamlessly, so it's something I enjoy."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you had to be incredibly precise in order to successfully complete a job. How did you feel about paying that much attention to detail?
I am a perfectionist I like to be right and I make sure that I do things so that they are the way thati want them to be so that I get a perfect score on a project.
Giving specific directions at the goal at hand through positive encouragement.
When a client insist on getting a job done within a specific time and is not possible, I try to let him know, what is going on so he will agree for me to complete the job for him so we all have mutual understanding on what's going on.
All fiscal management must be managed with a fine tooth comb. No exceptions.
When I have to complete any job I do it, even if it will lasts more time.
Markdowns. Reticketing. Inventory.