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In your opinion, what is the most influential form of media today?

"I feel that the most influential form of media today is social media and online content. As a whole, the human race wants fast, easy to consume, entertainment news. Our rate of consumption is unprecedented, and the fastest way to access it is through online content sharing."

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30 Universal Music Group Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. In your opinion, what is the most influential form of media today?

  • 2. Is compensation the most critical factor for you when taking a new job?

  • 3. How often do you take work home with you?

  • 4. Would you consider yourself a creative person?

  • 5. How do you handle a larger than average workload?

  • 6. When have you worked among a diverse group of people?

  • 7. Tell me about your experiences giving presentations in front of large groups.

  • 8. Tell me about yourself.

  • 9. Do you have a big career goal that, right now, seems unattainable?

  • 10. Tell me about a time when you used good judgment and logic to solve a problem.

  • 11. What was the most significant change you have had to deal with in your career?

  • 12. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?

  • 13. How would you market an artist when you do not enjoy their work?

  • 14. From your knowledge, what is the primary purpose of a record label?

  • 15. With which sector of the music and entertainment industry are you least experienced?

  • 16. How does your post-secondary education apply to the music and entertainment industry?

  • 17. What are some of the biggest challenges you would expect a record label or entertainment company to come across?

  • 18. Talk about a recent entertainment campaign that caught your eye.

  • 19. What do you think about the future of record labels?

  • 20. If Universal Music Group hired you today, what would you accomplish first?

  • 21. What is your favorite source for entertainment news and industry updates?

  • 22. Universal Music Group has an illustrious client list which includes the best of Hollywood. How will you remain professional in the presence of the world's hottest celebrities?

  • 23. Where do you find new music?

  • 24. What could Universal Music Group do to increase record sales for our lesser-known artists?

  • 25. Who is your favorite band or musician, represented by Universal Music Group? Why are they your favorite?

  • 26. Who are considered the 'Big 3' record labels, and how does Universal Music Group compete?

  • 27. The world of entertainment never sleeps. Are you willing to work long hours, evenings, weekends, and holidays?

  • 28. Name three artists you believe will have a breakthrough this year.

  • 29. What do you know about Universal Music subsidiaries and labels?

  • 30. What are your 3 favorite forms of entertainment?