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What is you greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve?
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I found being a branch manager that I am a perfectionist and that I had trouble in designating others to perform daily tasks in which they were fully capable of doing, it became easier once I allowed myself to do so.
In the past I was not responsible but I learn if you what to make it at anything you have to cover your shift unles emergency.
Food, I am trying to work out more so that my hips don't get bigger.
My last job as a manager had a lot of deadlines and made sure, that I was organized. I consider myself to work well with other, because its easier to achieve goals, when everyone works together.
Spending too much time on a project to achieve perfection, I am better at organizing before I start the project.
Always feeling like there is one more thing that I could do before leaving. Try to realize that there is only so much one can do in one day.
I don't not I think some time we feel a little scare or nervous for something new but I think is normal and been focus always into what I do.
Doing to much at once without being organized. By organizing before I start helps improve what I need to get done.
My greatest weakness is doing what I was told to do. I usually have hard times turning down tasks I was asked to do that dont relate to my job duties.
Taking more time complete a task - get more organized.