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What is you greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve?
To successfully answer this question, you will need to be strategic! First, think of an area where you can improve. For example, maybe you could do a better job of taking the initiative to solve problems before they become an issue. Even though it may feel vulnerable to share a weakness, your self-awareness is a strength! Your insight that you need to grow in this area shows the interviewer that you know you have room for improvement and that you have a desire to grow. Now, think about how you can explain what you're doing to improve. For example, you could say, " I am paying closer attention to the details in my customer interactions by noticing body language and listening closely to identify the problem." This shows you are working on becoming more perceptive. Don't be hard on yourself! You can improve if you work at it! Show that you are proactive at growing and learning from your weaknesses!
Answer examples
" I am paying closer attention to the details in my customer interactions by noticing body language and listening closely to identify the problem."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is you greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve?
I found being a branch manager that I am a perfectionist and that I had trouble in designating others to perform daily tasks in which they were fully capable of doing, it became easier once I allowed myself to do so.
My greatest weakness is not standing up for myself. I tend to be more timid with confrontation. I am working on improving my assertiveness and realizing my self worth when confronted at work about problems. I have realized we are all the same and should be treated the same across the board.
My greatest weakness would have to be getting exptrmely nervous in new situations with new people, such as this interview. I tend to overthink things and get myself worked up. I am trying to put myself in new situations, meet new people, and overcome my nervousness.
I don't not I think some time we feel a little scare or nervous for something new but I think is normal and been focus always into what I do.
I keep to myself I don't talk much, am trying to be friends with neighbors more.
My greatness weakness would be not alway being able to please everyone.
My weakness is being shy. I overcome my shyness by speaking up in a large group surrounding.
I am too reactionary. I need to work on taking a breath and not responding immediately to every situation.
Food, I am trying to work out more so that my hips don't get bigger.
My last job as a manager had a lot of deadlines and made sure, that I was organized. I consider myself to work well with other, because its easier to achieve goals, when everyone works together.
Doing to much at once without being organized. By organizing before I start helps improve what I need to get done.
My greatest weakness is doing what I was told to do. I usually have hard times turning down tasks I was asked to do that dont relate to my job duties.
In the past I was not responsible but I learn if you what to make it at anything you have to cover your shift unles emergency.
I talk too much. I am working on keeping busy instead of chatting.
Overthinking things, I'm trying to overcome that by going with my instinct and moving on.
I try to be a perfectionist, which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes it will take me longer to accomplish things if I feel it doesn't look the way it should.
Spending too much time on a project to achieve perfection, I am better at organizing before I start the project.
Taking more time complete a task - get more organized.
Always feeling like there is one more thing that I could do before leaving. Try to realize that there is only so much one can do in one day.