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What are your career goals?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I would like to become a post master general so starting out as a rural carrier would be beneficial to me.
My goals is dogood at any opportunity I have to do better, post office wont affect nothing.
To provide a job with security to take care of my family, I was thinking of a career with the Post Office.
To grow in this career. I have a family, I would like to have a good job, where I feel like I have the flexibility to stay where I'm at or when the timing is right move up, but I've never liked bouncing from job to job, I would like to work for another 25 years or so and retire, and am looking to do that in one profession.
My career goals are to show off my abilities to deal with clients. To obtain a job that the service client is a must. If I applying for this job is because my career goals don't affect.
I am looking for a job that will allow me a steady income, schedule and stability that I can retire from. I believe that this USPS opportunity is a positive direction in my life goals.
There are many positions within this company offering a chance to grow.
To do something I liked, and feel is important, while making a paycheck. The postal service is important to people.
To eventually work full time do the best I can.
A job that can keep me busy and active. A job at the post office is exactly what I'm looking for.