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Describe to me your last manager. What did you like and dislike about their leadership style?
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This is my first job, so I have not had a previous manager.
I have not had a past manager but those I have worked with from volunteering would say that I take great initiative to solve problems and make sure time was spent efficiently.
I really loved my manager. In fact everyone did. She was very nice and understanding when it came to our availability (my availability would change every season for school) she always knew what she was doing and every guest that came in loved her. They said she was "really nice and friendly" she managed the store very well, sent everyone on their breaks on time, and ensured the restaurant was operating smoothly.
He was good. He handle well his employees. He was always open to your issues and problem when it comes to work. He was appreciative. I don't have dislike about my last manager.
I didnt have a chance to have a manager, but I think managers are there to guide and teach thier employees what the things to be done and how to o a goo job.
I liked that she was understanding of my practice schedule and gave me opportunities to make up work.
I absolutely love my last manager. She is a great person and she gives you nothing but honesty and compassion. There is nothing I dislike about her leadership style.
My last manager was very good at their job. They made sure evrything was done efficiently and to the letter. They never saw workers full potential, how they could use them more efficiently.
My last manager Seth was great, he was a shining example of putting th customer first. A lot of the customers enjoyed him and the partners learned a lot from him and our customer service started to improve. On the other hand Seth did not like confrontation and often relied on me to do the corrective actions with the partners.
She was very friendly and upbeat which I really enjoyed. She also never acted as if she was above any of the jobs we did just because she was the manager. At times she could be very relaxed which sometimes came off as unprofessional and it felt like I was working with a friend and not a manager.