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Describe to me your last manager. What did you like and dislike about their leadership style?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Starbucks interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you only speak positively about your past manager. Think about the things that you enjoyed about this person and their leadership style. Start off by telling the interviewer some things that you liked about their style. You might talk about how they had regular team huddles to provide ongoing communication about process changes or upcoming events. You might share how they regularly had fun activities going on to keep the team engaged. Keep the focus on the positive things.

Describe to me your last manager. What did you like and dislike about their leadership style?
Answer example

"My most recent manager cared a lot about the success of the company. For that reason, she always ensured that we were properly trained and up to date on new happenings within the company. She was sometimes late for work which was a bit frustrating but that aside, she was a great manager."

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Describe to me your last manager. What did you like and dislike about their leadership style?
I have not had a past manager but those I have worked with from volunteering would say that I take great initiative to solve problems and make sure time was spent efficiently.
I really loved my manager. In fact everyone did. She was very nice and understanding when it came to our availability (my availability would change every season for school) she always knew what she was doing and every guest that came in loved her. They said she was "really nice and friendly" she managed the store very well, sent everyone on their breaks on time, and ensured the restaurant was operating smoothly.
He was good. He handle well his employees. He was always open to your issues and problem when it comes to work. He was appreciative. I don't have dislike about my last manager.
I didnt have a chance to have a manager, but I think managers are there to guide and teach thier employees what the things to be done and how to o a goo job.
I liked that she was understanding of my practice schedule and gave me opportunities to make up work.
I absolutely love my last manager. She is a great person and she gives you nothing but honesty and compassion. There is nothing I dislike about her leadership style.
My last manager was very good at their job. They made sure evrything was done efficiently and to the letter. They never saw workers full potential, how they could use them more efficiently.
My last manager Seth was great, he was a shining example of putting th customer first. A lot of the customers enjoyed him and the partners learned a lot from him and our customer service started to improve. On the other hand Seth did not like confrontation and often relied on me to do the corrective actions with the partners.
She was very friendly and upbeat which I really enjoyed. She also never acted as if she was above any of the jobs we did just because she was the manager. At times she could be very relaxed which sometimes came off as unprofessional and it felt like I was working with a friend and not a manager.
Due to the nature of my previous job, I did not have a manager. However, I was frustrated with how issues I had to deal with caused by my superiors was completely neglected, including paying out of pocket to complete a job they were supposed to pay for and not receiving a refund.
My last manager was very nice and great with customers and She was extremely accommodating. Her multi tasking could have used some work. She had great ideas but the execution of those ideas never happened because she tried to do too much at once.
I enjoyed their work ethic always willing to pitch in when times got really busy, but did not like their lack of delegation or willingness to follow through.
My manager is a pretty easy going guy I didn't enjoy working for him but I didn't dislike it either. As a leader I think my manager could improve his communication skills. At times I felt as if my ideas and thoughts were not appreciated because of age and the department often ran into scheduling conflicts. What I did like about my manager was that he was a really great example of what exceptional customer service looked like. I'm sure almost all managers do, but as my first example it was really important for me to see that.
I loved my last manager. His leadership style was much more friend based but still stern when needed. He was always there for us to talk to and a very relaxed person in general.
I liked my last manager for her ability to make the whole staff feel like a family and effectively assign roles to ensure a smooth operation. There was nothing that I disliked.
My last manager always tried to get a lot of things done in a couple hours. I liked this because she wanted to make sure we wouldn't have to do as much the next day; however this made us clean the store really fast. Also I liked how whenever she wanted us to do something she would ask us politely and make a list of what we needed to do in case we forgot.
I only worked under my manager for a short amount of time. I liked how.
I didn't have a manager I was on my own which I liked but what I didn't like was I never knew what was going on.
My last manager was very easy to talk to and seek help from. I liked her management style because she was always on top of things and she made you feel like everything was going to be okay when we got really busy and the lobby would fill up.
I enjoyed everything about him.
My manager was kind and understanding. I actually had two managers. Sometimes one would say I'm going on a long lunch break and the other would say I have 30 minutes but I didn't mind either way.
My last manager was hard working and a really get things done type of person. I really liked how he would power through certain task and had the motivation to get it done. However he was a little impatient and I do enjoy a stress free environment, but know how to handle one when it comes to it.
With my current job I have several managers and several leads. But in general I like that they get to the point. If you are doing something wrong they tell you and then teach you how to fix it. What I dislike is that a lot of the time if you have a question or concern they dismiss you.
My last manager didnt really do her job sometimes and she wasnt fair all the times either. So thats what I didnt like but when she did do her job she did it well.
My manager is a very genuine, hands-on, leader. She is soft-spoken and observant - but not a pushover at all. Very proud to have been trained by her.
I liked that my last manager took into consideration everyone, was a good leader and was good at explaining what she specifically wanted. There were very few things I disliked about her leadership skills, only that she would let people get away with things too often.
My last manager was the same age as I was. She was very irresponsible and we only worked night shifts so she was able to get away with unsafe training and unfair treatment. Due to her personal feelings towards me she was able to have me let go without any warnings. I did not feel comfortable with her as my manager but I never took advantage of her or caused any problems.
My manager liked everyone to do their job without being off tasked and theirs really nothing to dislike about the leadership style.
My last manager was a very laid back person. I liked how he was someone who everyone got along with and how he was so easy going that everyone felt super comfortable around him. One thing I disliked about his leardership style was that beause he was too laid back, sometimes when he asked another employee to do something the would not take him seriously becaus of how laid back of a perosn he was.
My last manager managed by fear and it was difficult to respect that; however, I know that he took pride in his business and I respected that.
She was amazing. It was really easy to pick up hours or change hours. She always appreciated favors, and she was kind. I personally felt she played favoritism. Nevertheless we were on good terms.
My last manager was likeable, hard working and caring. I liked that she took the time to get to know her staff members and made us all feel like she truly cared about our welfare. I dislike that she avoided confrontation and did not step at times where she should have to solve a situation.
I was always my own boss.
I really loved my manager. She was very nice and understanding. She always knew what she was doing and every customer loved her. She managed the store very well, and ensured the resturant was operating smoothly.
My mother was my last manager. I like that she can be laid back with her co-workers and give solid commands. I dislike the lack of communication that can occur sometimes.
Because I have never had a job, I cannot describe my last manager, but I can describe someone who was like a manager to me. Last year I interned for a sustainability group, and the person who was supposed to be my mentor lacked communications skills. I felt that I was always having to ask other people when the meetings and events were because they would get emails from there mentors, while I received none.
What I liked was that he was straight to the point and would tell me where I was right and wrong, I dont have any complaints.
Chloe is a great manager: she's passionate and enthusiastic about evrything she does. She has vast knowledge about coffee, cooking, customer service, natural remedies, and languages. She's very ubpeat and exemplifies the customer service that she wants to see from us. However at the same time I think she takes on a lot. Osully's cafe has three different locations: all three locations are built and constructed differently and have their own business volumes. In the roseville automall we have two locations. Toyota and Chevy. Our toyota cafe easily clears a $1000 everyday. Chevy is lucky if make it to $800. Chevy is much smaller in size and staff. Toyota has a sandwhich bar set up similar to subway wheras Chevy does not. We offer custom sandwiches and meal specials at both cafes but at Chevy it's more difficult to execute those offerings without using more time and less staff. The efficiency at which we we can offer these to customers takes a hit. As a result so does customer satisfaction. Catering is something that Osullys offers and there have been closing shifts where another department within the dealership wants their meeting catered. At Osully's only one person closes and there have been multiple occasions where right before I'm supposed to close I have to stop that whole process to set up for these caterings as a result. I get out 90 mins later than I was originally scheduled.
My last manager was a very patient leader, he never made you feel stressed about making mistakes, and always gave direct instruction on how to be better. However he was a bit disorganized and gave some passive aggresive talks from the owner.
I never really worked around my manager but when I did she always wanted everything fast paced and that has helped me better to work in under pressure situations.
My previous menager was very organized and following schedule, if any changes accured I was notified in advance.
My last manager didn't communicate well on telling me where everything was or what times I would be working.
I have no prior job experience, but I did volunteer at the dairy I lived at and the owners were very supportive and grateful for my help.
She was a very friendly knowledgeable woman. I liked the way she kept our team functioning at our best ability, but I wish she had been a more present presence. She wasn't very often around when needed.
This is my first job I had never applied any jobs before.
My last manager was very young and a motivation to me. He worked hard and wanted to run the best store in the area.
I liked that he was professional and knolegable about the scope of work of the department, regrettably his leadership and motivational skills were limited.
I was frequently given tasks by my last manager. I liked that work was always readily available so there wasn't too much time doing nothing.
He was very nice, kept things organized, helped out when things got hectic, breaks were given often. I disliked the fact that he favored certain employees.
My last manager was very hands on. She knew how to efficiently lead a team, and organize her partners to achieve the most successful results, and motivated her team to work their hardest by showing she was able to work hard herself.
She is very good at presentation and great customer service, how ever she is a bit too friendly with partners.
My last manager was a very good one, they were hard on you but that only made you want to do better so there's nothing I could really say anything bad about.
This is my first job, so I have not had a previous manager.

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