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Panera Bread Interview Questions

32 Panera Bread Interview Questions
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How would your references describe you?
How to Answer
The interviewer wants to hear that your references will describe you in a positive manner. Think about the positive things your references have said about you in the past. Instead of listing these things, tell the interviewer what each person has told you. For example, you might say, "John has told me that I am a hard worker, and he has told me that he really likes how I am always happy to be at work!" These concrete examples will be sure to impress the interviewer!
Answer Example
"John has told me that I am a hard worker, and he has told me that he really likes how I am always happy to be at work!"
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Are you in interested in a baking position?
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How to Answer
Be candid and honest with the interviewer sharing if you would like to be in a baking position. Be sure to ask the interviewer what hours bakers work to ensure the hours will work with your schedule if you are interested. Finally, telling the interviewer that you are not interested in a baking position but would be willing to learn to help out when there was a need for an extra set of hands can be a great approach. It tells the interviewer that you are a team player willing to help out when necessary to meet the team's needs.
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What are some of your weaknesses?
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How to Answer
We all have things we can improve on, so do not be afraid to share them. The interviewer will likely take note of these things and may even provide you with additional training or mentoring in these areas if possible to help you excel. The interviewer wants to hear that your weaknesses are not critical for the job you are applying to. Think of a couple of things you could improve upon that are not necessary for the job, and openly share them with the interviewer. You might even include some fun things that are not job-related. For example, you might state, "Painting is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!" The interviewer will think it's clever, and painting is not essential for a job at Panera.
Answer Example
"Painting is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!"
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How well do you handle customer complaints?
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How to Answer
Addressing customer complaints is an essential part of customer service, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are okay talking through a customer's complaint. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not mind addressing customer complaints, and you recognize that most customers have good intentions when coming forth with a complaint. Tell the interviewer that you take time to listen to everything the customer has to say first to ensure you truly understand what they are upset about. Next, share that you make eye contact with the customer and sincerely apologize to them. Finally, be sure to mention that you offer to correct any mistakes that were made or take the appropriate action to rectify the situation such as making a new beverage for a customer who tried something new today and didn't care for it.
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Why do you think customers enjoy coming to Panera Bread?
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How to Answer
Why do you love going to Panera Bread? Does the environment pull you in? Does the menu excite you? Do you enjoy the customer service you receive at Panera? Whatever it is, this makes a great answer to your question! Simply tell the interviewer why you enjoy going to Panera Bread, and share that it is likely why other customers enjoy going as well!
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Last modified on: 08/22/2018

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About Panera Bread

Panera Bread Company (Panera Bread) along with its subsidiaries is a national bakery-cafe concept with 1,380 Company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafe locations in 40 states and in Ontario, Canada. The Company operates under the Panera Bread, Saint Louis Bread Co. and Paradise Bakery & Caf? trademark names. The Company operates in three business segments: Company bakery-cafe operations, franchise operations and fresh dough operations. As of December 29, 2009, Panera Bread?s Company bakery-cafe operations segment consisted of 585 Company-owned bakery-cafes, all located in the United States, and its franchise operations segment consisted of 795 franchise-operated bakery-cafes, located throughout the United States and in Ontario, Canada. As of December 29, 2009, the fresh dough operations segment, which supplies fresh dough items daily to Company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafes, consisted of 23 fresh dough facilities (21 Company-owned and two franchise-operated).