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JB Hi-Fi Limited Interview

31 Questions and Answers by
| Jordan Henry is a resume specialist with additional experience in career development and cover letter writing.

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What do you know about JB Hi-Fi? Why do you want to work for us?

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JB Hi-Fi Limited Interview Questions


  1. What do you know about JB Hi-Fi? Why do you want to work for us?
    • Since it was established in 1974, our mission at JB Hi-Fi has been to deliver a specialist range of electronics, technology, and media at Australia's lowest prices. We're one of Australia's fastest growing and largest retailers of home entertainment, and we're always looking for energetic, knowledgeable sales people to join our team. What interests you in a job with JB Hi-Fi?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "Essentially, I want to work here because you have a great reputation across the board. I've made all of my large entertainment purchases at JB because i know exactly what I'm going to get when I come into one of your stores: knowledgeable and friendly sales people and the lowest prices. I'm passionate about sales, so it just makes sense for me to combine that with my interest in the entertainment industry."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I've been working in retail for several years, and I really enjoy the work. I'm energized by interacting with customers and have a knack for helping them find what they're looking for -- it's very fulfilling to me. But I haven't yet found a company culture that really aligns with what I'm looking for in a workplace, which is why I'm so interested in joining the JB team. I'd like to move into management someday, and I know the culture here is supposed to be phenomenal."


  1. What draws you to a job in entertainment and technology sales? In what area do you think you'd be most useful?
    • JB Hi-Fi has a huge selection of entertainment, technology, and appliances to suit every customer's need. What draws you to a job in this market? What department are you most interested in working in?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I've always enjoyed playing with new technology that comes onto the market, from smart appliances to smart watches. I'm fascinated by the huge leaps technology has made in the last decade to make our lives so much easier and more exciting. I don't have a specific department I'm most interested in; I love learning new things, so I'm pretty excited to dive into product knowledge across the board. I'll be happy to work in any area of the store."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I love the entertainment industry, so I'm always up to date on new film, music, and video game releases. It's easy for me to strike up conversations with customers about entertainment because it's my primary hobby, so I think it would be especially fun to work in any of the entertainment departments of the store."


  1. Tell me 3 qualities you possess that make you a strong fit for this position with JB Hi-Fi.
    • If you thrive in a fast-paced, diverse, and exciting environment; if you have excellent communication and sales skills; if you love making genuine connections with customers and coworkers -- then a job at JB Hi-Fi may be the perfect fit for you! What are some unique qualities that you would bring to your position at JB? What sets you apart from other candidates?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I would describe myself as an energetic life-long learner who loves helping people. I have a very friendly, bubbly personality and enjoy being active at work, which is partially why retail is such a good fit for me. Learning new things is my favorite part of any job; it doesn't really matter what I'm learning as long as I have opportunities to share my knowledge with others. I also really love to be helpful. I get such a feeling of satisfaction from helping a customer find exactly what they're looking for and feeling like I made a positive impact on their day."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I have a lot of qualities that transfer well into a retail-based position. The top ones would include my strong organization skills, my ability to have a conversation with anyone comfortably, and my solid work ethic/level of honesty."


  1. You will be responsible for a large amount of cash and valuable merchandise at JB Hi-Fi Limited. What would your most recent employer say about your character and honesty?
    • Having integrity means being honest and having strong principles, and that's exactly what we expect from other JB Hi-Fi team member. How can the team at JB trust you to treat our store, valuable merchandise, and cash with integrity?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I've taken some time off of work over the last few years to raise my family, but I had a long retail career before that where I was consistently promoted into leadership and management positions. My last retail job was as a department lead, and part of that role included being in charge of the cash registers at the end of the night when no one else was around. My managers have consistently trusted me in the past, and I know that I can earn your trust as you get to know my work, character, and integrity."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "My most recent employer would say that I am a person of integrity. I fully believe in honesty at all times."


  1. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?
    • We love to acknowledge and recognize the hard work that our team members do every day for our customers and for our company. Talk to the interviewer about how you enjoy being recognized for your contributions to your team.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I don't need anything big to feel recognized for my work, but when I achieve something huge -- like completion of a big project -- I think it's nice to have something that feels celebratory, like a small gift card to a nice restaurant. That way, my partner and I can enjoy a nice meal out together to celebrate my accomplishment. That's the ideal situation for me."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I am very much an over-achiever and find that the best way for me to be recognized for a job well done is through words of kindness and recognition. I am easily encouraged, and the best reward for me is to know that my hard work is noticed."


  1. What is the most competitive work situation you have experienced? How did you handle it? What was the result?
    • This question is designed to determine if you can function well in a competitive environment. Think back to a time when you were racing others to achieve the highest sales, were working towards a promotion, or eagerly trying to win a new contract. Show the interviewer that you rose to the challenge and that you were excited to push yourself to be the best. It is a definite plus if you have cheered on your competitors and helped them along the way. Finally, be sure to mention any successful outcome.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I'm competitive by nature, so I love the idea of friendly competition at work! I appreciate that JB values fun and hard work together -- I don't believe they're mutually exclusive, and I'm glad to see that JB doesn't either. I've worked in both competitive and non-competitive work environments in the past and have done well in both -- but I definitely prefer an environment where I can get a little competitive. I think it's fun!"

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "My current sales position is highly commission based, so my colleagues and I are quite competitive. Despite being competitive, we have a great work environment where we help each other when someone is struggling to meet their quota. We coach each other on sales techniques and share success stories. The result has been a positive work environment with healthy competition."


  1. What type of manager brings out the best in you?
    • We know that our talented team of JB Hi-Fi sales associates have always been the key to our business and its ongoing success, so our management team is serious about ensuring that their team members are happy, successful, and doing their best work. Talk to the interviewer about positive relationships you've had with managers in the past. What made these relationships so successful?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "My first retail manager was an amazing leader -- she truly led by example. She was an incredibly hard worker and had a ton of responsibilities, but she never seemed phased or stressed, even when unexpected or stressful situations came up. Her investment in her job made me want to work harder because I wanted to be a good team member for her. That relationship really influenced the way that I work and the way I interact with my coworkers."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I have worked with a wide range of personalities and management styles with great success. If I could express a preference, I feel that I am best with a manager who allows me autonomy while still investing time in me through mentorship and training. Can you describe the management style here?"


  1. Tell me about the best job you've ever had. What made it so special?
    • Talk to the interviewer about one or two of the best jobs you've ever had and describe what sets them apart: was it your coworkers? The work itself? The company culture? Your managers?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I worked for a small family-run boutique for several years, and I loved every moment of it. The work itself was engaging, but what really stands out to me are the relationships I built with my coworkers and managers -- I'm still friends with several of them to this day! I think it was really important to the owners that the workers they hired could get on well together, and that approach really paid off. We were a great team, and we always had fun."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "My favorite job was at a career services shop some years ago. I loved knowing that I was truly making a difference in someone's life, even if it was just having a positive interaction. There's nothing like being able to turn someone's day around, even when the work is stressful, demanding, or difficult. I think my positive attitude and desire to bring light into people's days would be a great addition to the team here."


  1. Tell me about your most recent visit to a JB Hi-Fi store.
    • The interviewer wants to know that you've spent some time at JB Hi-Fi stores and that you were paying attention to what the experience was like. Talk to the interviewer about what you noticed about the store, the employees, and the customers there.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I recently packed my oldest daughter up to go away to university, and we made a trip to JB Hi-Fi to get her a new laptop. The staff was so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable -- I'm not super computer-savvy, so it was great to have some guidance. I never felt like I was being pressured, and my daughter had a great time picking out the perfect laptop. I was really impressed with the level of professionalism I saw from all of the employees I interacted with, but it was also clear that they were having a great time at work. That experience is the main reason I'm pursuing this open position."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "One of my biggest pet peeves is walking into a store that's dirty or untidy, but every JB store I've been in has been immaculate. The aisles are spotless, the merchandise is nice and tidy, and everything is organized in such an efficient way. It made me feel really welcome and comfortable. I never feel pressured or hassled by the employees here, and I always leave the store smiling. I was surprised by what a positive impact it had on my day!"


  1. What do you hope to learn from this job at JB Hi-Fi?
    • An ability to learn and retain information quickly is an important quality for a JB Hi-Fi team member. We start out your training from the very first to get you prepared for your new role. We're committed to supporting your development and helping you further your career, so let us know what you're hoping to learn during your time with JB Hi-Fi.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I've always loved working with computers and other electronics -- I've been taking apart computers and putting them back together since I was just a kid. I'm hoping that this role will offer me some opportunities to strengthen those engineering skills and afford me opportunities to potentially move up in the company in the future, hopefully in an IT position."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I am looking to lay the foundation for the rest of my career with this position. I looked at a lot of job postings and had interviewed some very carefully selected places, but you are by far my front-runner. I want to learn not only the fundamentals of sales but also become comfortable with both sides of the business. I appreciate that you want me to start with the basics of the inside sales before moving into outside sales."


  1. How do you handle situations that could cause you to be late or miss work?
    • Proper planning will get you far, but sometimes life happens, and you'll need a plan B. Think about some of the variables in your life that could affect your ability to arrive on time for work. Sick children, traffic, car breakdowns... the list goes on. It may not be possible for everything to work out so smoothly, getting your shift covered or still making it to work on time. Your interviewer is looking to see that you are proactive and that you can handle the stress of unexpected situations that can arise.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I stay calm and composed when issues arise. My dad got rear ended one time when driving me to school. I texted my friend to see if she could tell my teacher what happened. I explained the situation to my teacher when I got to class. If this happened on my way to work, I would call ahead of time to ensure someone could cover my shift."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I hope never to be late! When I started working at a restaurant at sixteen years old, we were taught the adage of 'if you're on time, you're late,' so I've worked to implement that into my life. I always try to arrive 15 minutes early, but there are unforeseen circumstances that can arise. I handle surprises using common sense and keeping courtesy to others top of mind."


  1. What kinds of events cause you stress on the job? How do you respond to stress?
    • At JB Hi-Fi, we've worked hard to create an extraordinary company culture for our team members, but there are certain unavoidable realities in the retail industry: it's a fast-paced, competitive, ever-changing environment, and there are bound to be times of stress. Talk to the interviewer about stressors you've encountered in the workplace and how you respond to times of stress.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I feel stressed by stationary, inactive work -- that's why I made the transition from IT to retail in the first place. I've been working in retail for about three years now, and my stress levels have honestly decreased so much. I do occasionally feel stressed out during times of extreme customer traffic, like at the holidays, but even that stress is fun as long as I'm working on a team with people who are committed to having a good time while providing excellent customer service."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I really love the retail industry and have found that it's the atmosphere I feel most comfortable and peaceful in for my working life. I do get stressed out if the relationships between team members aren't healthy; in the past, I've had trouble focusing on my work if I know there's drama going on between my coworkers. I believe I've gotten better about this over the years, though. When I find myself feeling stressed, I try to channel my energy into efficiency and having great customer interactions."


  1. How do you feel about performance incentives?
    • At JB Hi-Fi, our team members are strongly recognized for their efforts, and we have a generous sales commission structure in place, plus fantastic incentives available as well. Talk to the interviewer about how you feel about performance incentives.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I feel that performance incentives are a great idea. They keep an employee motivated to do a great job and ensure that they are on top of their KPI's. The majority of people are very enthused about being rewarded for their successes."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I do not require performance incentives, to do a great job; however, small perks are always nice to have!"


  1. How can JB Hi-Fi motivate you on the job?
    • At JB Hi-Fi, you can rest assured that your hard work will not escape our notice: we love to reward our team members for their efforts, and we'll do what we can to motivate you to do your best work. Talk to the interviewer about how you find motivation on the job.

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "If I feel valued, I'll stay motivated. I want to know that my managers see me and my own unique contributions to the team. It can be anything from a simple work of appreciation to an award or public recognition -- the recognition itself doesn't matter as long as I'm being treated with respect and appreciated for my work."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "I am best motivated through words of praise and recognition for a job well done. I do like to know that my efforts are noticed. In my current position, we have a leaderboard and I do like that concept because it creates a healthy bit of personal competition for me as well."


  1. Describe to me your ideal employer.
    • There's a lot to love about a job at JB Hi-Fi: from our commitment to quality products at affordable prices to our volunteer work in our local communities to our exceptional company culture, we think you'll love working here as much as we do. What kinds of companies stand out to you? What do you look for in a potential employer?

      Jordan's Answer #1

      "I'm really involved in my community, so it's important to me that the company I work for honor my commitment and share my love for my community. I'm really excited to see that JB has such a strong turnout for their workplace giving program -- 81% participation from employees is huge! I think I'll fit right in to the company culture here."

      Jordan's Answer #2

      "Ideally, I want to work for a company that has a positive, engaging company culture from the top down. I'm hoping to build a long-term career with JB Hi-Fi, so it's good to know that the culture is great all the way to the corporate offices. I can definitely see myself here for many years."


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