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What do you know about working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you understand the industry of Home Depot's company. Think about your experiences in retail stores. What have you observed? What types of things are the employees working on? You might mention that customer service is very important to keep your members coming back to your store. You might share that organization/tidiness is necessary to keep the store visually appealing. You might discuss that there are many moving pieces such as merchandise being ordered, new displays being built, stocking merchandise every day, cashiering, ensuring lines are not too long, member service, sales analysis, and general operations. Be prepared to discuss 5 or 6 things that you have recognized about the retail setup.

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What do you know about working in retail?
Retail has alot of customer interaction, it is fast pace, ever changing and fun.
It is very fast paced it requires multitaskingpatience hard work and dedication.
I know that customers want great service and positive people which make positive experiences.
Retail has alot of customer interaction, it is fast pace, ever changing and fun.
I know how important customer service is. Making each person feel important and valued is critical in the retail environment.
I have over six years experience in this field. I love woorking with the public and I have what it takes to be an excellent team member here at Home Depot.
Be there for customer every time, every where to help them and meet their satisfaction, explain products, check out customers, merchandise, observe for shoplifter, maintain safety policy and procedures. Working as a team player.
I have not had a great deal of retail experience. While working for All Tech I used to work at the store, but this was only for about a year. I enjoyed getting to meet many different people.
I know in retail you must care about the customer because they are who helps the company thrive.
I know about Customer service which is my greatest skill and letting the customer leave the store satisfied. It is also very fast pace at times and can be fun as well.
I have tons of knowledge from my eight years of experience in retail.
I know it involves in a lot of customer service. I know the importance of being in stock and meeting the demands of the customer. I am still learning the operation side of the business but I do understand it.
I know that the customer is the boss. Without them we would not be here. Excellent customer service is absolutely necessary to succeed.
I worked for Target and I have my years of buying products from HD, and have researched your items.
Not alot but I do have customer service experience.
Retail is a customer service based industry. While everyones job is very important ultimately the main focus is on customer service.
Retail is fast paced, customer oriented, and need excellent interpersonal skills.
I know that working in retail is customer service oriented and I have much experience in this area. I enjoy it so I can be better at it.
I know that the customer is always right and we should treat them very well in order to preserve their business in the future.
I have 10 years working in a retail, I learn how to provide good customer service and how to deal with customer.
I have 10 years working in a retail, I learn how to provide good customer service and how to deal with customer.
Retail is a faced paced customer facing job and career for some. There is always something new coming up and always a great learning experience.
Having worked in retail for over 30 years I know most aspects of retail.
I have worked in retail for several years retail is fast paced, you have to be organized and able to multitask.
How to keep customers happy and wanting to come back.
I know that excellent customer service is a sure fast way to ensure that customers come back.
The key to working in retail is serving your customers needs, engage yourself and ask questions. Get to know them and show them multiple solutions so they know they have options. And then let the customer decide what they want.
Being consistent with going above and beyond for every customer and making sure every customer leaves with a smile.
Fast paced and ever changing and theres great rewards.
I know that it can be fast paced. That it involves good communication skills and impecable customer service skills.
Fast paced, lots of people, service most important.
I know that it helps to know your product, believe in your merchandise and remain confident and possitive with a smile in helping our customers.
I have worked in retail for the better part of six years, and I have learned very much along the way. I know that when it comes to retail, customer service comes first.
I know that providing a positive experience, product knowledge and, personality, consideration, demands met produces a returning and happy customer.
I know that your customers are first and formost. Customer service could make or break your company.
I have been in retail 6 years. Have had a lot of experience in dealing in all situations with customers.
Quite a bit. Customer service is number one. Store appearance and the stock in our store is key.
I have years of customer service, and working the daily issues of pressenting, pricing and stocking of retail merchandise.
Worked in retail long enough to know customer is always right and that their is always a solution in retail.
Customer service and making sure the customer leaves satisfied.
I have a lot of experience in retail, been in retail for the past 6 years. Always been customer service first.
Working in retail is all about giving customer excellent customer service when they walk in the store offer them help even befor easking.
I know that the customer is always right. You have to be patient, listen, and provide the best customer service that you can.
Working in retails, working for people, to people and with people . Customers need attention and need solution of their problem, so if you are good with people for people to people you will enjoy the retail.
I have worked in retail for many years and I do know that there are times when the days can be long and busy but just have to take one project at a time complete then move to the next.
Customer service can be the deciding factor for a customer. If you show them respect and give them a good experience, they are more likely to leave the store with more merchandise.
Customer service can be the deciding factor for a customer. If you show them respect and give them a good experience, they are more likely to leave the store with more merchandise.
I know how appear friendly to customers. I know sales and marketing, understand bar codes, inventory management, pricing, promoting and selling products.
Customer service is number one. If we keep customers happy they will continue to shop at our store and they will tell their friends.
Am very interested in expanding my knowledge in retail.
I have been in retail for 30 year serving the customers with a wow shopping experience.
I know that customers want great service and positive people which makes for a positive experience.
I enjoy working in retail because I enjoy pleasing the customer I have over 10 years experience.
I know the customer is always right I learned how to work well under pressure and this has benefited me in college. I know that you will never get any where without your team members and you coworkers because we support each other. I learned you have to be innovative and quick on you feet to make it in the company and to keep your job Lastly laziness and being stubbourn will get you no where.
Fast paced, lots of people, need to know your information.
Working in retail, the most important thing is customer service, being a retailer what you want is satisfied customers so that they come visit your store again. And for good customer service you need a smiling face, positive attitude, good listening and speaking skills, good knowledge of products and you should know your store well.
Customer service is key along with good communication skills.
Worked at another building supply store for 5 yrs.
Customer service is very important and it is very important that the customer leaves happy and satisfied with the company and want to come back.
I know how to speak to a customer to find out how to exactly find out what they want/need and have previously dealt with angry customers so I know how to approach them.
Working in Retail, one must be able to please to customer needs in the best way possible.
I understand that sometimes customers might be looking for a specific product and it means a lot to them if I am the one who helps them find it. I also know that detail is super important when stackcing shelves. You have to pay attention to the product name and match it with the product label price.
I worked in Retail for 20 years and I have open and close stores.
I know that you must take care of the customers and knowing your products.
I do not have much experience working in retail but, I know most retail companies strive to offer the best customer service for their guests as well as trying to innovate new ideas and ways to further their company.
That you have to provide good costumer service to clients.
I know that retail is fast pace and it involves a lot of interaction.
How to provide good service. Learn about all of the products . How to do inventory. Stocking of shelves and follow through with each customer until they are satisfied.
I know that working in retail I will have to learn about the products that the company sells and it involves dealing with customers from different back grounds.
Started as associate worked up to a team leader and worked as department mgt in three different depts.
I have work in retail for five years.
I have worked in retail most of my life.
I have several years of working experience in retail.
I know people like good service and people willing to help them.
I have a very good idea about working in Retail as my job I currently do requires me too.
It is about the customer and how to interact with your peers.
Not much, but this is what I am here to learn and meet customer needs and work in the interest of the organisation.
It's basically the same with all businesses. Customer experience, customer relations and having a great product.
That the customer is always right and I should always keep my cool in front of the customers.
That happy satisfied customer come for repeat business.
I did hold a past job at spencers at gulf view square mall. So I have had past experience working in retail, I know a lot about customer service, like how to deal with an angry customer, how to be a beacon of information and how to leave a guest satisfied.
Three years as an assistant general manager in retail. Daily doing tenders, declares, logs, deposits, negative on hand, lights and outs, inventory, deliveries. POS, superior customer service.
I know retail is all about customer service. You want every customer to have a great experience so they want to come back to your store in the future.
You have to know about the products and materials you are selling in order to be able to advise customers on which product will work best for their situation. Also, listening to them is every bit as important as the questions you ask.
Competitive pricing, selection, customer service, marketing and quality goods are required.
I have been working in retail since I was 16, working in retail stores both small and big box retailors. My main experience has been working in different departments stocking while learning what products the store carried. I also know about planograms and resets.
That customers are essential in maintaining sales.
I know that you have to be willing to seek the product to that person.
I know that customer satisfaction is number 1 Andy can be very rewarding depending on your communication with customers.
While I haven't worked directly in Retail, I have always worked in support roles to indirectly influence and support the Retail objectives. I have however had to deal directly with retail customers to answer questions and resolve complex issues.
Retail is a dynamic, ever-changing field.
I know that it's not going to be all sugar and spice but I'm equipped to deal with any situation.
Its all about customer service and being prepared.
Working in retail is all about customer service and the customers lawys come first and they are always right.
Delivering good customer service while keeping an excellent work station.
Working in retail needs more attention, knowledge.
You helpfully assist customers and have them leave the store with a positive impression.
I have worked as a bartender and shop keeper in Jamaica. From those experiences I know many different things about retail, such as good customer service, multi tasking and friendliness are some of the most important aspects of working in a retail environment.
Ive workd in reatil in a garage envireonment for 7 years, and as manager of the Price Bandits, a retail discount goods outlet. I managed a group of salespeople who sold, merchandised, strategically placed goods for faster sale, priced merchandise etc.
I know that customers are extremely valuable and important because without them there wouldn't be a job for me here. Also, I know a lot about the merchandise perspective and how important it is to maintain an organized, clean, positive place to shop.
The customer is always right. Tardiness is not tolerated.

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