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The physical requirements of working as a medical lab tech can often be demanding. Do you feel like you are able to stand for long hours, or lift/transfer equipment, as needed?

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    The physical requirements of working as a medical lab tech can often be demanding. Do you feel like you are able to stand for long hours, or lift/transfer equipment, as needed?

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    Do you feel like you have strong relationship building skills?

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    Can you give me some examples of some equipment that you feel proficient operating within a medical lab?

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    Why did you choose to become a medical laboratory technician?

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    How do you handle times when you have a disagreement with a coworker?

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    Has there ever been an emergency situation in your department, and how did you/would you react in such a situation?

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    Are you familiar with some errors that may occur when using a pipette and how to prevent those errors?

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    Are you comfortable performing venipunctures?

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    Personal protective equipment is provided for all of our employees. If you saw a coworker performing a test that required the use of PPE, but he was not wearing it, how would you respond?

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    What advice would you give others who are considering pursuing a career as a medical laboratory technician?

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    Have you ever received negative feedback from a supervisor, and if so, how did you handle it?

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    If you were the person interviewing employee candidates, what qualities would you look for to fill this position?

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    If a lab specimen were delivered to you without the proper labels and identification on it, what would your response be?

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    What is one of your biggest fears about being a medical lab technician?

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    If a test system deficiency was discovered or suspected, how would you handle the situation?

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    Have you ever had a patient be combative toward you? If so, how did you handle the situation?

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    If you had a patient come to your lab stating his physician sent him to have his blood drawn, but he didn't bring a lab requisition slip, how would you help remedy the situation without neglecting other patients?

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    Some medical laboratory technicians at our facility often work on rotation. Are you willing to work, nights, weekends, holidays, or overtime if needed?

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    Has there ever been a time that you had difficulty drawing blood from a patient, and if so, how did you handle that situation?

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    What sets you apart from other medical laboratory technicians, and why do you feel you will be a good fit for us?

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    What are some things that you do to help prevent contamination within your work space?

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    Other than technical work, such as testing specimens, what other duties are you accustomed to performing within a medical laboratory?

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    Do you feel that you are capable of working independently, rather than having a supervisor or coworker work with you?

  24. 24.

    What is one of your weaknesses, and what do you do in an effort to overcome that weakness?

  25. 25.

    Tell me about a time you experienced a significant change in your workplace, and how did you adapt to the change?

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    Do you have any plans that may interfere with being able to commit to long-term employment with us?

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    If you discovered that a coworker was violating a patient's privacy by discussing his information with someone outside of the care team, how would you respond?

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    What would you do if a patient complained to you about one of your coworker's conduct toward him/her?

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    If you began to feel overwhelmed with your workload or other work related issues, how would you handle the situation?

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    If you had a team member who constantly seemed to be abandoning his post and leaving unfinished work, how would you handle the situation?