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How does the work in this organization fit your professional mission?
User Submitted Interview Answers
This organization fits my profession because my goal is help people.
I love people and children and I feel this is the best way to help keep children safe and protected.
I am a quick learner and I genuinely like helping people to become the best they can.
With the education I have obtained in the past 5 years as a Sociology major, including course work in child welfare.
A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND Adaptability, this is more important for any work place.
I want to ensure all patients have access to the services they need to ensure safe and speedy discharge from the hospital.
My dream is to make a difference in the lives of the youth in this generation, and generations that follow. My purpose for studying mental health counseling is to start a program that allows me to provide free counseling services for youth transitioning out of detentions centers. As a Social Service Worker, I am gaining the skills necessary to collaborate with mental health and changing the lives of youth in the system, whether its foster care or a detention center. The ability to change at least one life of a youth is the passion that drives me everyday.
To helps kids have a better quality of life.
My professional mission has always been to work for a rewarding company with upward potential, and with lots of room to learn about a wide variety of topic/subjects. Furthermore, and an ability to make a positive difference in peoples lives, and this company does all three.
I want to assist clients when they are in need and then teach the clients to be efficient on their own by teaching them with the education offered through community action so that they are able to function in the community with out public support.
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