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How does the work in this organization fit your professional mission?
If you simply take a job for the paycheck then you will never be happy. If the organization fits well with your career aspirations, you'll naturally be motivated to do good work there. Tell the interviewer how similar the organization's mission is to yours. Tell the interviewer what it was about the organization's mission that got you excited to interview for this position.
Answer examples
"Our mission is the same: to provide quality care to patients."

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User-Submitted Answers

How does the work in this organization fit your professional mission?
Helping others, finding out their needs and doing my best job is what I will strive for as a social worker.
Social work is a dynamic filed, where sitiuation has no limite and any specific condition because every individual is unique and diffrent formeach-other so evry social worker should be learn the varity of experience which are related to the humen behaviour, psychology and reaction towards any action. It will help to become world class proffestion . And it can be only possible when you can work with differnt proffestion setting and community .
This organization will allow me to professionally help others as well as grow intellectually to serve my community.
I work well with others and I continue to grow in my education in Social Work.
I have a double bachelors degree and 15+ years of experience working with families in need.
The work in this organization fits my professional mission due to me being in the field for nearly ten years, the skills and experience acquired I can better assist the families I will be working with.
I love people and children and I feel this is the best way to help keep children safe and protected.
Both the work in this organization and my professional mission is to ensure that this target population has the support and resources to overcome this time of crisis.
With the education I have obtained in the past 5 years as a Sociology major, including course work in child welfare.
To helps kids have a better quality of life.
I know the mission of this organization is to provide mental health care to members of the community and this mission is what I aspire to provide as well.
I want to help people. Many people who are very close to me have benefited from the work that social workers do and I want to be that help to someone else.
My professional mission has always been to work for a rewarding company with upward potential, and with lots of room to learn about a wide variety of topic/subjects. Furthermore, and an ability to make a positive difference in peoples lives, and this company does all three.
This organization's mission is to provide help to those in need and my mission is to also help those in need and be an agent of change in my clients' lives.
I want to ensure all patients have access to the services they need to ensure safe and speedy discharge from the hospital.
I have been working as a case worker for 12 years. I've worked for several agencies such as Valle del sol for 9 years, child and Family for 2 years, and taught head start for 2 years. I am currently working as a temporary Case Worker for the City of Phoenix Head Start Program. The job comes naturally to me and because of my case working experience, I was able to adopt to the position in no time. I have had the opportunity to complete intakes for families interested in head start, organizing files,
I would study and research how to make things better.
I enjoy working with families and children. My professional mission is to provide services to families and youth to promote well-being and success to improve circumstances. Overall, my long-term career goal is to obtain my MSW and become a licensed LCSW. I believe that my experience and skills developed in providing social work will allow me to be a better LCSW.
The values and statement of mission of respecting service users and intergrity fit my professional mission.
The work in this organization is a great fit in professional mission because we are both trying to help and please the individual and meet their needs.
The work in this organization fits my professional mission because it caters to patient care and health. My focus is to make sure potential clients get the appropriate care and attention they need, and to follow-up with them to make sure they become and stay compliant.
I would like to inform parents about the rules and regulations, guide parents in the process, and report any violations to agency.
I am a quick learner and I genuinely like helping people to become the best they can.
My professional mission is to help students with mental health disabilities in academic institutions and the work is to help students with mental health disabilities to provide academic accommodations and provide learning strategies which matches with my professional goal.
My professional mission is to help students with mental health disabilities in academic institutions and the work is to help students with mental health disabilities to provide academic accommodations and provide learning strategies which matches with my professional goal.
This organization fits my profession because my goal is help people.
I want to assist clients when they are in need and then teach the clients to be efficient on their own by teaching them with the education offered through community action so that they are able to function in the community with out public support.
The work at comunnity action fits my professional mission because I have been in need and have needed public support. I am very thankful for the assistance that was available and the people that were there to help me through the difficult time. I would to help others that are in need and teach them how to function in the community without public support through the education provided at community action.
This organization serves families in crisis and helps them become more self-sufficient. That is what I want to do.
My dream is to make a difference in the lives of the youth in this generation, and generations that follow. My purpose for studying mental health counseling is to start a program that allows me to provide free counseling services for youth transitioning out of detentions centers. As a Social Service Worker, I am gaining the skills necessary to collaborate with mental health and changing the lives of youth in the system, whether its foster care or a detention center. The ability to change at least one life of a youth is the passion that drives me everyday.
A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND Adaptability, this is more important for any work place.
It hep people to find the right direction and be better in their lives.
I feel it fits really well. I have always wanted to help children and create an atmosphere for them that is nurturing and benefits not only their social and emotional health but their educational experiences as well.
In looking at the Dekalb CSB website and The Dekalb Addiciotn Clinic information, I am withoug doubt that my professional mission to do the best work in the best interest of other people will be a great fit. I appreciate the fact that it looks like Dekalb CSB is very optimisitc aobut it's contribution to the people in Dekalb County and I hope to play some part in helping them accomplish thier goals.