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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Heather Douglass

Updated August 23rd, 2018 | Heather has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates,
specifically in the health care industry.
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How do you check if a work placement was a success?
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How to Answer
As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, your constant communication and interaction with both clients and employers will set you apart from the rest. Tell the interviewer how you follow up, how often and how you track your results.
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How do you check if a work placement was a success?
As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, your constant communication and interaction with both clients and employers will set you apart from the rest. Tell the interviewer how you follow up, how often and how you track your results.

Heather's Answer #1
"I keep files on each of my clients tracking them from initial intake to months after successful placement."
Heather's Answer #2
"Not only do I check in with the employer but I like to check in with the client. Assuring that the client is happy and feels they are contributing to the company tells me that we found a good match."
What area of VR work do you find challenging? How do you try and improve upon those challenges?
Challenges can also be viewed as weaknesses. When answering this question it will be important that you relay to the interviewer what you learned from these challenges. Have you found that particular types of clients in the past have been challenging for you? Maybe managing the large workload you had at your last position was challenging.

Heather's Answer #1
"One area I find challenging as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is working with clients that are not interested in finding work. In the past, ​I've found that I just have to work with these clients a bit longer than others. Pushing these individuals before they are ready to get out into the working world only makes them regress more. I've learned to be more patient and empathetic working with these types of clients."
Heather's Answer #2
"Working with individuals with criminal backgrounds has been challenging for me in the past. After spending time with these clients I get to know them as a person. I can see past the history but it is hard for employers to see the promise in them that I see."
If a client is unmotivated to find work, how do you react?
You've heard the phrase 'you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink.' This phrase rings true to you as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. If you've worked with a client like this go ahead and talk about it. Be sure to stay upbeat and explain how you helped the client find their motivation. You may have been upset and discouraged yourself at the time that your client didn't want to find work, if that was the case don't show your anger during the interview.

Heather's Answer #1
"Not off of my clients are on board with finding employment, and that's ok. When these clients are ready, they contact me so we can work together. In the meantime, ​I center my efforts on the individuals that are ready to find work."
Heather's Answer #2
"I can't force anyone to get a job because then it would be my goal and not theirs. I would provide the tools and provide the support but would have to sit back and allow them to tell me when they are ready."
For twelve months, you are unable to find a client a job, how do you stay focused and think of new ideas to get this person working?
Finding work for a client can be a stressful situation. You'll want to relay to the interviewer that you always stay positive, provide encouragement and continue to meet with the client. Tell the interviewer a time this has happened and how you ended up securing employment for the client.

Heather's Answer #1
"When I work with clients that are having a hard time finding employment I encourage them to volunteer. Volunteering gets them out into the workforce​, keeps them active and gives them a purpose that I encourage them to find."
Heather's Answer #2
"The job market can be difficult and sometimes waiting 12 months is a reality. I would encourage the client to work on their skills and education while we were working to find them a job. Free classes, skills tests and online courses would not only keep them busy and increase their skill set but make them more marketable."
Are people naturally at ease with you?
This question is a great way to answer ​how well you work with others. Think about how your co-workers would describe you. How would your boss describe you? If you are the type of person that people come and ask advice of or vent to, then this is your question! As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor you strive to put clients at ease with your display of empathy. Be sure to answer this question calmly with direct eye contact. This will put the interviewer at ease as well and let them know that you are 100% engaged.
Heather's Answer
"I have a way of bringing the best out of our clients. This shows me that people are at ease with me and value the support that I give them."
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