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Translator Interview Questions

31 Translator Interview Questions
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Why should we hire you?
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What is the most difficult part of being a Translator?
Question 3 of 31
What do you like least about being a Translator?
Question 4 of 31
What would you do if you made a mistake in translation or did not understand a term?
Question 5 of 31
How do you prepare for a translating session?
Question 6 of 31
How well can you understand different dialects and accents?
Question 7 of 31
What type of ethical dilemmas have you encountered as a translator? How did you deal with them?
Question 8 of 31
Do you hold any translation certifications?
Question 9 of 31
What kinds of people do you have the most difficulty working with?
Question 10 of 31
Would you ever want to work on your own and start your own freelance translation business or translation agency?

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Question 11 of 31
What types of clients do you typically work with?
Question 12 of 31
Do you concentrate well?
Question 13 of 31
How well do you retain information?
Question 14 of 31
Are you a good listener?
Question 15 of 31
What other languages do you speak?
Question 16 of 31
How are your writing skills?
Question 17 of 31
What is the most rewarding part of being a Translator?
Question 18 of 31
Why do you want a career as a translator?
Question 19 of 31
What do you like most about being a Translator?
Question 20 of 31
What do you feel is the most important skill a translator should possess?
Question 21 of 31
What makes you passionate about being a Translator?
Question 22 of 31
Give me a time when you had to set an important goal in the past and tell me about your success reaching it.
Question 23 of 31
As a Translator, what do you believe is your best asset?
Question 24 of 31
Why are you the best translator for us?
Question 25 of 31
What excites you the most about a career as a translator?
Question 26 of 31
If you could, would you choose a different career?
Question 27 of 31
What is your secret to a successful career as a translator?
Question 28 of 31
Are you happy with your career as a translator?
Question 29 of 31
What was your biggest disappointment as a translator?
Question 30 of 31
What was your greatest accomplishment as a translator?
Question 31 of 31
What major challenges and problems did you face at your last position?

About Translator

May 20th, 2017

Translators specialize in converting information from one language into one or more different languages. They read through the original text and grasp the understanding of it and then convert it into the desired new language.
This is a job in great demand today as more and more companies are doing business with their counterparts in different parts of the world. To find employment as a translator, you must be fluent in at least two languages. Some industries, such as legal and medical industries, also require translators to have knowledge of technical terms that are commonly used in their settings. In order to perform their job efficiently, translators must be organized and committed to meeting deadlines. Most translation today is done on a computer.
When posting an ad for translators, employers will specify what language translators they are looking for. At the interview, they will then ask you questions to assess your fluency in those specific languages. Be prepared to answer questions about why you think you are the perfect translator for them. You may be asked to translate a short test paragraph and you will be evaluated on speed as well as the quality of the translated text. Going through mock interview questions and rehearsing answers to commonly asked questions will help you to be more prepared for your translator interview.

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