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What will you do if you get a target which is impossible to attain?
It can happen from time to time that your company's sales forecasts are a bit off. If this has happened to you in your career before, be sure to use that as an example. The hiring manager is looking for a reply that will show them that you have the tenacity to try rather than just deem the target impossible and give up as a result.
Answer examples
"I have received very lofty sales targets before. Rather than treating the target as impossible, I will break it down a bit and tackle parts of it at a time. I like the challenge so would definitely treat the target as attainable unless proven otherwise."

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User-Submitted Answers

What will you do if you get a target which is impossible to attain?
When you believe it, you will see it. We become what we think about. I would ask for help or direction. Pull in resources, that can help me achieve an impossible target.
Stil try to attain it. The process is more important. Theres alwasy something to learn by pushing your limits.
I will set simple achieveable ones.
I would try to find a new approach towards my customers and try to find better deals that would help both of us.
Depends on who set the target. If its a customer, be honest and let them know that the goal may be out of reach.