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What is a typical sales call for you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Sales Engineers interview

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Take the hiring manager through a typical sales call.

What is a typical sales call for you?

"For me, a typical sales call will include some pre-work to get to know the client. I will start the conversation out light by telling them a bit about my findings on their company and I will ask them about their needs. I will then talk to them, in a consultative manner, about how our product will benefit them. I will close the sales call by ensuring that the client fully understands what we are offering. From there, if there are no roadblocks in the clients' understanding, I will then ask for the sale."

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What is a typical sales call for you?
Identify decision maker, problem finding, needs analysis, benefit correlation, technical questions/objections.
Regarding product problems.
It's one which engages the attention of the customer to the service/product without the customer feeling that he's been fooled into some sales.
We have the sale represantative kick off the call, we will quickly introduce ourselves. Usually the sales represantative would give an overview of the product, I will then using go-to-meeting do a demo of all the features of the product, we do prep work before the calls so I will make to try to demo any specific fetarues they have interested in or have doubts.
Prepare for the meeting, greetings, introduction, presentation and closing.
Introduction about company, product and then application.
Preparation first, research the account prior to the call. Listen more than I speak (Ideally, you should spend 80 percent of your time listening and only 20 percent talking.) spend some time on both technical topics and on general topics, find out there interests and needs and assess risks with their problems.
Sales starts with building relation ship with the client. It starts with making a good understanding a good rapport with the client once we are able to do it we can surely do business at ease.
A nice challenging & learning experience.
When I get to meet with a potential customer or an already existing customer to sell a product or service to them.
Preparation, introduction, research and survey, presentation and closing. Next customer maintenance.
A typical sales call for me as is below - Let the customer speak for the majority of the first half of the call - Take detailed notes in regards to what the customer requirements are, what their issues are - Once the customer is done, reiterate the notes just to make sure you have understood what they communicated and this gives the customer the sense that yes, you were listening -- Towards the end of the call, if you already have solutions for each of the requirements, then tackle each one by one while ensuring the client has a buy in -- If you do not have a solution ready, ask the customer if there is an ideal solution that they are looking for -- Make sure you send out the meeting notes, action items on your part, on their part with rough ETA through email to the client -- Follow up.
There are many. One would be a product pitch where I present what a product is and demo. Another could be requirements gathering. Yet another could be a check-in or even social.
First trying to know the customer and then tailoring the best offer for him.
I use my prepared checklist to help me stay focused.
Initially find out about the person and company. Then get into their needs and problems. Hopefully present a solution.

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