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How do you handle a technical objection?
Are you aggressive enough in your sales role to not accept a 'no' from a potential client right away? Tell the hiring manager a bit about your method of overcoming objections.
Answer examples
"When I receive a technical objection on a sales call it is generally because I haven't explained that particular product feature clearly enough. I will hear the objection, repeat it back to ensure that I understand where they are coming from, and then review using simpler technical language. I will stay on that topic until the objection has been overcome."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle a technical objection?
As an opportunity to build a well more rounded technology base.
Understand the origins of the objection & try to look for an alternative solution if possible for the part causing the problem.
If the technical issue is within my understandign I respond to the client directly, else I get back to the manufacturer to understand the problem & respond to the customer in order to offer resolve the problem.
Listen, wait to respond, Remain calm and not defensive? Meet the objection with a question in order to find out more? Restate the objection to make sure we agreed (communication)? Answer the objection?
Understand the details and come out with the solution.
Going to the basic to explain the reason for changes.
I would try to see if it is my competency to solve it and do so, otherwise I would address the person in charge to help me with the situation and I would announce my manager if necessary.
How do you handle a technical objection?
Try to come at it from there side. If someone is confused, there is a problem somewhere. Either way, work with them until they are happy with the product.