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Was your accuracy level tracked in your last position? Tell me about your ability to submit accurate work.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Transcriptionist interview

You definitely don't want to stretch the truth on this answer. The interviewer may already know the answer to this question if they have called your references already. If you aren't proud of your accuracy, tell the interviewer that you are making a point to slow down and pay more attention to detail. If you excel at your job and its accuracy then brag a little and throw your boss's name in there as a reference.

Basic answer example
"Our accuracy wasn't necessarily tracked, but the smooth flow of patients, appointments, interaction with co-workers and my supervisor's positive feedback showed me that I was doing a good job."

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Was your accuracy level tracked in your last position? Tell me about your ability to submit accurate work.
I was always very close to the expected results.
My accuracy level at my last position was in between.
My accuracy level was in between I would say.
My accuracy position at my last position would be normal.
90 percent of accurate and try to fill maximum blanks before going to the next level of quality check.
I could submit my work prior or on the dead lines.
Ya I will do my work with good accuracy.

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