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Medical Transcriptionist Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about your training and when you realized you wanted to be a medical transcriptionist.
User Submitted Interview Answers
I trained myself while working at the hospital in high school, using a terminology book and a medical dictionary. I also typed reports for doctors.
Training was good and when I know that MT is a challenging job.
I got certified to be an MT and was offered a job right away. I remained at that same, stable job, for 18 years.
My training in my pervious job was an amazing journey. And I realized that I wanted to be MT when I was in class one day and they talked about this career which seemed very interesting.
I didn't know anything about MT before I saw an ad in the newspapers for training and guaranteed job placement. I enjoyed learning science at school so I saw this as an opportunity to learn a new skill in a discipline that i'm interested in.
I am trained independently and when I realised I could do this job independently I realised I would become one.
I am fresher but I assisted doctor . I read the cases of the patient and made documents and whatever boss prescribed to the paitient explained the medicine and their intake dosages.
I have an associated degree and RHIT certification. I wanted to do something in the medical field to help people, but realized I would not be able to handle nursing.
I did my training in respro and I love this topic.
I know medical terminologies as I m a doctor and I realized it when som of my friends told me abt it.
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