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Do you double check your work?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Transcriptionist interview

How to Answer

You double check and triple check your work if needed! Attention to detail is imperative as a Medical Transcriptionist. Once you've double checked your work you can tell the interviewer that you sometimes have a co-worker lend their second set of eyes.

Do you double check your work?
Answer example

"I do double check my work. If I'm working on a new project or something that I'm not 100% comfortable performing, I'll have a co-worker be my second set of eyes."

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Do you double check your work?
Yes, I always double check my work before I submit / turn in my work.
Not so if the work is new i'll double check that the work.
Yes I do mostly because you cannot afford a mistake in medical transcription work.
Not if I feel confident in the work produced.
Yes, I do double check my work.
Yes, you have to in the medical field. One mistake can have a major effect.

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