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Are you self motivated? Give an example.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Transcriptionist interview

Being able to work within a team is important. Being able to work on your own and be productive as a Medical Transcriptionist is imperative. Tell the interviewer that you are a motivated individual that can work on your own without supervision. The interviewer wants to hear how you can keep yourself busy and stay motivated. Share a situation where you were able to be productive without being prompted or supervised.

Basic answer example
"I am self-motivated. Just last week I took it upon myself to identify a time constraint issue we have at the front desk. I collaborated with my co-worker and we came up with a new way of pulling records that saves us an hour of time each day."

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Are you self motivated? Give an example.
Yes I am. Whenever I feel low I always think of hard times that have gone by and encourage myself saying if I could do it then I can do it even better now because with time passing by experiences increase and learning from them increases too.
Yes, I'm the first in, last out type and start work pretty much as soon as I come in the door.
Yes. When I find something I am passionate about or something that I didn't think I would like but that I am really good at I can be proactive.
Yes, every time that I am feeling low or having difficulty on this particular account, I am telling myself that I have done multiple difficult accounts before, so I can do it again this time.
Yes I am self motivated. I give myself different goals to meet.
Yes, I am motivated. Even I take initiatives base on my own knowledge and judgement.
Yes. I am self motivated. I am confident that I can do it.
Y, because of I am communicate well,I will understand other person problems.
Yes. When there are things I have to do, I usually prioritize them first before starting so that I have a plan that I can follow for the day and since I don't like leaving things undone, this motivates me to finish whatever I have planned for the day.
Ya am self motivated......
Yes I am. Whenever feel low myself I think of my hard times. And self motivate myself.
Yes. I enjoy doing my work to the best of my ability and am passionate about learning as much as I can about how to do so.

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