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Do you work better independently or on a team?
Don't get caught up in this trick question. The answer to this question is that you work best in EITHER a solo or team environment. Give an example of a successful time you've worked in each situation to give the interviewer that piece of mind. Are you the one that brings people together and encourages healthy working relationship? Do you enjoy working on your own because you are the most productive when uninterrupted?
Answer examples
"I can work on my own or within a team. I always learn something new and meet goals in either setting that I am in."

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you work better independently or on a team?
Yes I do. But a lot of work needs a team so I enjoy team work as well as you can achieve bigger with more helping hands.
Yes, I enjoy working by myself.
Yes, I do enjoy working by myself but I also enjoy working with other people.
Yes I do. As I mentioned that I am a self-starter and self-motivated.
Yes, I enjoy working alone.
I do. I like to make personal self challenges and be left to complete them.