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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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    What is an ANA used for?

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    Why is a discard tube necessary when drawing a light blue top?

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    How do you handle stressful situations?

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    Give two examples of collection tubes and what type of tests they are used for.

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    Why would a prothrombin time be ordered?

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    What are some issues you can think of that may hinder drawing blood in a geriatric patient?

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    Do you have a preference of what age group you like to work with when performing venipunctures?

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    If you were drawing blood and using a light blue top specimen collection tube, what kind of test is being performed, and what are some things one should know about using this tube to perform this test?

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    What is PKU. and when is it normally diagnosed?

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    What makes you think you will be successful at our organization?

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    What tests would you anticipate being done to check a patient's kidney function?

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    What is the purpose of a platelet aggregation test, and what color tube would you use to collect the specimen?

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    At what point would you ask a co-worker or supervisor to help you with a blood draw?

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    How would you deal with an angry patient, and why?

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    What is something that scares you about being a phlebotomist?

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    What do you think are some characteristics of a good phlebotomist?

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    What are some ways to avoid mistakes when drawing blood?

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    What is an HIV test window?

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    Can you think of a time that you had a disagreement with a boss or co-worker, and if so, how was it resolved?

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    Do you anticipate any changes in your life within the next 12-24 months that may cause you to have to relocate or leave this job?

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    What are some possible risks associated with drawing blood from a neonate?

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    When a venipuncture is performed, if there is no blood or the blood flow stops, what are some steps a phlebotomist may take to remedy this situation?

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    What are some things to consider when drawing blood from a pediatric patient?

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    What is an A1C test used for and what do the different results indicate?

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    Why did you choose a career as a phlebotomist?

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    What would you describe as your biggest weakness?

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    What are some things you think people notice about your personality?

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    Do you feel you are capable of being a good team player?

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    What is a CMP?