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What do you enjoy most about housekeeping?

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The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about some aspect of the housekeeping role. Your passion will help the interviewer understand that you will be employed for an extended period of time and keep you interested in the position. What is your favorite part? Do you enjoy knowing that you are being hospitable to travelers? Do you enjoy knowing that you are responsible for creating a positive environment for people who are passing through? Perhaps you enjoy that you get to work fairly independently throughout the day. Or, maybe you enjoy working in the industry for a specific reason. You may even share a specific task that you enjoy most about the job. Sharing an honest candid answer will allow your passion to automatically come through for the interviewer.

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What do you enjoy most about housekeeping?
The variation of the job such as cleaning, paperwork, meals.
When some guests said that the room was really clean.
I like it becouse it's reputated job.
I enjoy team works and organise people.
Cleaning bathrooms and spreding beds.
I enjoy the feeling of freshness and making something shine again.
Doing different tasks each day.
To clean the mess and after you clean everything and organized I'm happy.
The results of a messy room after a deep clean.
Meeting new people from different places I have never visited!
What I enjoy about housekeeping, is the satisfaction of seeing everything clean and sanitized after all the work.
What I enjoy about housekeeping, is the satisfaction of seeing everything clean and sanitized after all the work.
I enjoy making the next guest have a smile on their face and would recommend the hotel to a friend.
When I have completed a room and step back a little and saw that I did a great job in organizing and cleaning.
Seeing the before and after in my mind.
Cleaning is something I really enjoy at home and at work it gives me a sense of achievement.
I enjoy cleaning, I'm a perfectionist so it makes me feel good about cleaning things that need doing.
I take pride in joy of my work and when a new tenant moves in and says the place is very clean.
I enjoy the end of the day when you look around and know you did a good job.
The fact that I can make things clean again and know that I did a good job on it.
Having a guest enjoy a well cleaned room.
Being part of a team, providing cleanliness for patients working with friendly work motivated individuals.
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