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In your opinion, what matters the most to a ticket goer?
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As this position entails working with the public, high quality customer service and the ability to serve customers in a timely fashion are required skills. Customers wish to communicate with respectful, professional and efficient company representatives while having their needs met in a timely fashion.

In light of the above, answer this question by providing an example of your provision of excellent customer service and time management skills in a professional or volunteer capacity, or alternatively in a university setting, to demonstrate you are highly customer-oriented, and have strong relationship building and time management skills. Preferably provide an example relevant to the job posting, i.e., including some of the duties you will have to perform in this role to prove you already have the required experience for this role.

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What would your previous supervisor say about your attendance and punctuality?
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Employers are looking for reliability and commitment. Provide an example of your excellent attendance record and punctuality in a previous position, in a professional or volunteer capacity. Answer by providing an example where, e.g., you were rewarded for your behavior or congratulated by a superior, or where it could have been difficult for someone to remain reliable, yet you were.

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What are your career goals?
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Always review the company website and social media pages to familiarize yourself with the company, services offer and careers available (e.g., by looking at their careers page or directory).

Also review the job posting before the interview to familiarize yourself with the work involved and determine whether growth opportunities are available at this company. Should opportunities be available, and should they be listed, answer this question by mentioning one (or a few) of these by supporting your answer with your educational/professional qualifications and personality traits, making you the perfect candidate for this employer. Alternatively, you may answer this question by mentioning an exciting career you saw on their website and by supporting your answer with your educational/professional qualifications and personality traits, making you the perfect candidate for this employer.

Ensure to provide an example related to the position/company you are applying for. Should your answer completely differ, such as wanting to work in a completely different industry, you may be immediately disqualified. The interviewer/employer may believe you applied for their position simply because you want financial incentives and that you will leave should an opportunity in another field become available.

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Why do you wish to work as an Usher for our theatre?
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer what motivated you to apply for this position. Answer this question by mentioning, e.g., how passionate you are about helping others.

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Tell me about your experience.
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How to Answer
Review the job posting before the interview to familiarize yourself with the duties involved in this role.

Answer this question by providing examples of past customer service experiences in a professional, volunteer, or alternatively educational (i.e., university) setting, while mentioning some of the duties involved (as per the job posting) performed in other positions, should you have such experience. This will demonstrate you already have the required experience for this role.

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About Usher

August 17th, 2018

Ushers are also known as Ticket Takers, Lobby Attendants, Amusement Attendants and Entertainment Attendants. An Usher can find employment most commonly in movie theaters, sports venues, churches, amusement parks, and a variety of live entertainment venues.

An Usher should be able to handle many hours of standing during each shift. It is a physically demanding job that requires one to be physically fit. A lot of walking may also be required depending on the venue where the Usher is employed.

Problem solving is part of an Usher's role. Being able to anticipate potential customer issues is very important. Disputes over seating, over-drinking and seat-kicking can occur. Usher's should be able to handle large crowds of people without becoming overwhelmed.
An Usher is a customer-service based position so one must be able to handle public inquiry including customer disputes and general questions.

Compassion is required as an Usher will often encounter patrons with physical disabilities who may need assistance reaching their seat. Elderly patrons may also need additional care to find their seats and the exits in events where lighting is dim. Depending on the venue, some Ushers may be required to assist with cleaning up after the event wraps up.

Formal post-secondary education is not required to be an Usher. Depending on the venue, some roles may require the employee to be of legal age in their State. Any education related to hospitality and customer service can be an asset.