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Where do you see yourself in five years?
Organizations are always looking out for the candidate who has the best potential to mold and grow. Approach this with specific objectives, career goals and a clear mindset. It's important to examine your goals before an interview so that you can express how the job will fit in. Tell them you can see yourself learning new skills and experiences which would enhance your interests in growing with the FBI, and that you are eager to further your career by studying for professional qualifications. Goals such as becoming an expert in a particular realm, progressing to team leadership or a management position indicate to the interviewer that you know what you want and that this role serves a purpose on a higher level.

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User-Submitted Answers

Where do you see yourself in five years?
My aspiration is a career, with advancement potential, with good benefits where I can change lives one person at a time, and make a real difference in the world.
My aspiration is to be in a position which allows me to work towards world change, utilizing my travel experience and education in international affairs. I want to make traveling an even larger part of my life and use those experiences to contribute to the greater good. I aspire to work in a position that fuels my compassion and ambitions while providing me with my biggest reason to wake up in the morning.
Be the best at whatever job, make a difference, enjoy the work, be mentally challenged.
Successful busniess woman.
Being successful and knowing my family will have somebody to look up to. Thats 100% truth.
I would like to have a wife and a family.
To become a famous soccer player like Alex Morgan.
My aspiration is to do something to help the world or accomplish my life time goal.
Be a professional at something as opposed to an amateur in many things.
My aspiration is to rid this world of injustice and criminals who roam the world exploiting on others' fear and helplessness.
To teach other individuals with what I've learned over my professional career.
My aspiration is to fight the good fight and why not protect my beloved country while I am at it.
To have a long career with the FBI in where I perform excellently and then retire.