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When was the last time that you thought outside of the box? What did you do?
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Mock WMD scenario, assisted bomb techs with dismantling an ignition device that they had problems with dismantling on their own.
As a teacher, I have to think outside the box almost every day because people learn things in different ways. If I change one word, it may make a difference to one person. If I show something in a different way, it may make a difference to a lot of people.
Often working in freight when you don't have supplies you need or equipment to help get a job done I create materials to work. Whether it's tying a rubber band around a cord to make it fit through back-end of our computer system to be able to reach the computer or developing my own method to complete a full inventory by using outside resources and organization structure.
When was the last time that you thought outside of the box? What did you do?
Last time I thought outside the box was when I had to do a speech but I didn't know how to present it so I decided to make a power point and then put extra slides so people could see how horrible plastic bags are to the environment.
I once was lost in the woods in the rain with a bag of wet clothing. I upon that point realized warmth and dry area's sound about perfect. I located a cave, layed my clothing by the fire and warmed up until the rain has passed.
Critical thinking example.
Thinking outside of the box is just another way to define someone's creativity and inventive qualities. I have countless "outside of the box" thoughts. Not all may be efficient. But the best one I have I cannot expose since I will be patenting it and making royalties.
Creatively re-did a child's bedroom.
I tried to build an ironman suit, I drew blueprints and real measurements.