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When have you gone above and beyond the call of duty for another individual?
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It would be for multiple individuals, notifying authorities of a impaired driver while on my home. Keeping people away from the erratic driver and assisting local authorities in the interdiction.
Allowed a teenage on 2 occasions to live with us when he had no other options.
We hired a new teammate that I helped progress from a sales associate to a Leader In Training by extensive hours of side-by-side training and coaching.
When I worked at a daycare center during the summer, one family did not speak english very well, the child was fluent in english, while the parents spoke only a little and were fluent in porteguse, in order to assist them in understanding the notes and homework that were going home, I was able to use my elementary spanish knowledge to communicate with them and tell them the notes that way they could understand.
When I was in high school freshman year, my closest friend have been bullied by a group of boys who wanted to take her down. I wanted to help so much that I went up to him and gave him a lesson.
Helping out my students in one to one sessions, even after my official working hours are over.
I have gone above and beyond for another individual last year when in my class a student got nervous and couldn't finish his speech so I got up and helped him.
I have babysitted 6 kids, I have none.
Giving food to juveniles. Taking them to mcdonalds, buying gift certificates.
I've never been on the call of duty. But if I was, I would be solid.
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