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What are your long-term goals or plans?

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40 Editor Interview Questions

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    What are your long-term goals or plans?

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    What would the ideal editing job be for you?

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    If you have a 300-page document that's a rush job and you must edit it by the end of the day, how would you approach the task?

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    What have you done in past situations to contribute toward a teamwork environment?

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    What was your biggest failure?

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    Describe a difficult project and how you overcame it?

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    What motivates you as an Editor?

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    Describe the ideal supervisor that you want want to work for?

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    Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

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    What have you done to further your own professional development in the past 5 years?

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    Give an example of a time when you had to edit or write a piece under a strict deadline. How did you ensure that you met the deadline?

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    Tell us about an editing project that has brought you a lot of satisfaction.

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    What have your achievements been to date?

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    Give an example of a time when you made a mistake because you did not listen well to what someone had to say.

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    Tell me about a time when you influenced the outcome of a project by taking a leadership role.

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    How would you define success as an editor?

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    What major challenges and problems did you face at your last position?

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    What was your greatest accomplishment as an Editor?

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    What was your biggest disappointment as an Editor?

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    What do you know about our organization?

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    What was the last book you read for fun?

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    What personal weakness has caused you the greatest difficulty in school or at work?

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    How quickly do you make decisions? Give me an example.

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    Tell me an example of a situation where you had difficulties with a team member.

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    What makes you passionate about being an Editor?

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    What books/magazines/newspapers do you enjoy reading?

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    There are two projects with the same deadline. One client is easygoing while the other constantly calls to ask when we will be done. Which project do you make your top priority?

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    What do you know about our company, and why would you want to work for us?

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    In your view, what is the role of an editor?

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    How has your education helped you prepare for this position?

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    How do you maintain interest in the routine or even mundane parts of editing, such as source checking, proofreading, and indexing?

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    We have several candidates with similar qualifications. Tell us some reasons why we should hire you?

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    Have you ever had a performance appraisal before? What good things did the evaluation say? What goals were set for improvement?

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    What is your working styleómore independent or collaborative?

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    How would you handle sensitive writers who question every edit you make?

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    How would you handle a freelance writer who handed in subpar work?

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    Tell us about your training and experience in reading large amounts of information and gleaning the main idea?

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    Tell us about your ability to multitask in this position.

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    What are your career goals?

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    What made you choose to become an editor?