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What are your career goals?

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    What are your career goals?

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    Are you a detail oriented person?

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    What do you like least about being a film and video editor?

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    What are you most proud of in your career?

  5. 5.

    Do you aspire to be a director or producer one day?

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    What program(s) do you use for video editing?

  7. 7.

    Are you willing to work overtime to meet a deadline?

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    Who do you admire most in the film industry?

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    How would you describe yourself as a Film and Video Editor? What techniques and styles do you deploy?

  10. 10.

    What has been your biggest professional disappointment?

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    Who do you admire the most in film editing?

  12. 12.

    Tell me about your favorite project as a film and video editor.

  13. 13.

    What are your salary expectations?

  14. 14.

    How do you present your edited and final work to your client(s)?

  15. 15.

    What are your preferred working hours?

  16. 16.

    Would you prefer to work as a full time employee or as a contracted freelancer?

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    Were you part of a student filmmaker society during university?

  18. 18.

    In your opinion, what is the most exciting advancement in the industry this year?

  19. 19.

    What type of leadership style do you take direction best from?

  20. 20.

    When was the last time you faced a high-pressure situation and how did you react?

  21. 21.

    Why did you choose to pursue a career as a film and video editor?

  22. 22.

    What do you like most about being a film and video editor?

  23. 23.

    What is the most rewarding part of being a film and video editor?

  24. 24.

    What is the most difficult part of being a film and video editor?

  25. 25.

    How is your vision?

  26. 26.

    What equipment do you use for filming? (i.e lens and/or lighting)

  27. 27.

    What are you looking for in terms of career development?

  28. 28.

    Do you work well under pressure?

  29. 29.

    Do you work well on a team?

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    How do you react to criticism about your work?