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Field Producer Interview Questions

27 Field Producer Interview Questions
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Where do you see yourself five years from now?
How to Answer
The hiring manager is looking for someone who plans on sticking around within the company for a while so they become a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person. The candidate should discuss what skills they hope to develop while in the job and where they may take them in the future. They should discuss how if they remain in the job in five years from now, what kind of a worker they will be compared to when they first start. This shows the interviewer that they are motivated to grow and improve over time.

Answer Example
"In five years from now, I see myself becoming the lead producer at the station. Although I hope to do a great job as a field producer here, I believe it will give me great experience from the field as a producer. I can take that knowledge of what field producers and reporters go through and implement it in studio."
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How do you work in stressful situations?
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Working as a field producer often comes with a job that is very high stress. The producer must have to change plans quickly, face breaking news and emergencies, and face scary, tricky situations with often difficult decisions to make. The candidate should discuss how they work under pressure and how their work is effected when stress is introduced. Even if the candidate is not confident they work well under stress, they should be positive that they could work on this to improve their abilities.

Answer Example
"I find that I do some of my best work under stress. I like being given a deadline or a time crunch so I can work fast and not have time to second guess my decisions."
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Have you progressed in your career as you had planned?
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Candidates can be in various stages of their career, from moving quickly up the ladder, to moving slower than they had hoped. The candidate should be open and honest about where they are at and where they plan to go from here. If the candidate has moved quickly, they may talk about how they are proud of where they have gone so far and where they hope to be in their career after this job. If the candidate has moved slower than they would have liked, they may talk about what has slowed their path and how they will make up for lost time.

Answer Example
"While it took me a few years to figure out exactly what career path I wanted to take in life, I am glad I found it out when I did. I hope this job will help me develop my skills quicker than taking a role as a regular producer so I can continue to grow fast."
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How well do you work remotely?
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How to Answer
A good field producer is able to work remotely and does not need much supervision to do their job. The candidate should discuss their ability and confidence in doing their job without being in the presence of any other workers. They must talk about their experience helping a reporter put together a story without needing to be directed by someone else. They must talk about their willingness to work on their own and independently.

Answer Example
"I believe that I do my best work out of the office because I am free to work without people constantly talking to me. I love contacting supervisors for help or suggestions occasionally, but I mainly feel that my best work is done remotely when I can work independently."
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Why did you choose to become a producer rather than a reporter or photographer?
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How to Answer
The candidate should describe what sets them apart as a producer and makes them the perfect candidate for the job. While producers are able to do many of the jobs in news because they are so versatile, the candidate should talk about exactly why field producing is the way for them to go and how they can help people in other types of jobs grow as a result of their producing.

Answer Example
"I wanted to become a field producer instead of any other job because I feel that my presence on camera is not necessary to make a good story. I believe that I am great at gathering information and doing so quickly to help out the greater good of a team, and I would rather produce hard and great work behind the scenes rather than compromise my time getting ready to be on television."
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Author of Field Producer Answers and Questions

Christina Erne
Christina Erne is a meteorologist and a journalist at News 10 ABC in Albany, NY. Beginning her career as a reporter, she worked her way up the ranks of local television, learning the ins and outs of all possible jobs in the field, from technical support, to weather staff.
First written on: 05/11/2017
Last modified on: 08/30/2018

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About Field Producer

August 17th, 2017

A field producer works in the field of media and journalism and is someone who gathers information for reporters and producers on assignment away from the station. They help create stories, gather interviews, make phone calls, plan live shots and coordinate with the news station or publication for the final production or piece alongside the reporter in the field. Field producers are particularly good at actively working on a story and traveling throughout the state, country, or world, with a journalist team to produce an investigative report.