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Announcer Interview Questions

33 Announcer Interview Questions
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Describe the most creative work related project you completed.
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How would others describe you?
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How do you effectively relay information to listeners?
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How do you conduct live interviews?
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What type of experience do you have in the broadcasting industry?

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About Announcer

October 3rd, 2017

Announcers have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. They use these skills to present news, music, commercials, and sports on the radio or television. The broadcasting industry is the biggest employer of announcers, but job opportunities are not limited to this industry. Announcers are also in great demand to emcee events as a master of ceremonies or to DJ at parties, weddings, and various club events. They may also be hired as talk show hosts and podcasters.
The educational requirements to become an announcer depend on the specialty you wish to pursue. While a high school diploma may be sufficient to become a DJ, podcaster or a public address announcer, a bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, or broadcasting is the minimum requirement to become a radio or television announcer. Excellent research, writing and speaking skills are important for this role.
Think of your interview as an oral audition for the job. Even as you enter the interview room, the interviewing panel will be observing the way you carry yourself, the way you introduce yourself and the way you speak. They will pay careful attention to your intonation, vocabulary, and accent. Make sure you practice hard and ace all of these aspects before going for your interview. Also, take some time to go across to Mock Questions and take a look at the interview questions listed there. Rehearsing your replies to these questions will help you to answer all questions more confidently at your interview.