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Which statement sounds more like you: 'I hate to lose' or, 'I love to win'?

Example #1
"Everyone loves to win, but I fully believe that we learn a lot from losing as well. I am not a sore loser; however, I will do what it takes to ensure that I win as often as possible."
Example #2
"I think that of the two, 'I hate to lose' is more descriptive of me. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the work that I deliver, which means that I dislike disappointing my boss and myself. With that said, I know there is always something to learn from losing."
Example #3
"Oh, I love to win! Moreso, I like to help my team members to succeed. Winning and coaching a winning team is a massive part of what drives me. Losing is inevitable at times. When I am not winning, it's essential that I learn from the experience, and implement changes from it, rather than dwell on it."
Example #4
"I believe that everyone loves to win, but the most important part is how you react when you win and when you lose. When I win, I look at what I did right and then implement that strategy more often. When I lose, I analyze where I went wrong and then pivot my approach as needed."
Example #5
"I love to win more than I hate to lose. What I mean by this is that I don't hate losing. There is always something to learn from a loss, right? I am a gracious winner, at the same time, and understand there are learning opportunities in every situation - win or lose."
Example #6
"As a salesperson, the love to win is what drives me. It's a natural inclination to want to win, but I do also learn a great deal from losing. When I lose, I will take the lesson and implement changes immediately."
Example #7
"When teaching impressionable students, it's important that I show a gracious attitude - win or lose. I do not enjoy losing, but I am great when it comes to seeing the lesson in every loss."
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