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How do you handle working under very close supervision?

Example #1
"In my current role, I work closely with my boss. Our offices are next to each other, and we meet at least once per day to discuss the status of our projects. Could you share with me how your workplace culture is close, and what close supervision means to you?"
Example #2
"I work at the front desk in my current position, which means that I am accessible to my boss, and most of the team all day long. Everything that I do is within this close-knit environment, and I work just fine. Could you further explain to me what 'close supervision' means to you, and what that would look like in this role?"
Example #3
"My boss is in another city, but we work closely through daily emails or meetings via Google Meet. I am close with my team but do not hover over them when it is time to get the job done. I believe in offering employees room to work. Do you believe in close supervision here? And, if so - could you further clarify what that looks like in your day to day operations?"
Example #4
"I can work well under any amount of supervision, so long as communication is clear and expectations are well-set. I am always able to speak for my work because I am confident in the quality that I deliver. What does close supervision look like here at your company?"
Example #5
"I believe in accountability in the workplace, so I certainly do not need someone checking in. With that said, I am a fantastic employee, so you will not feel the need to supervise my every move. When you speak of close supervision, are you referring to micromanaging, or are you speaking of close working relationships?"
Example #6
"Close supervision is a requirement at times, depending on the project stage and other factors. I do not mind close supervision as long as it's an effective working method. There should be some flexibility in sales, however. Can you share with me how you define close supervision within your organization?"
Example #7
"As a teacher, I am not accustomed to overly close supervision by the principal, for instance, but I am accustomed to working closely with the parents of my students. I like it when parents are highly involved in their kids' education; however, nobody enjoys micromanagement. Can you please explain to me what you mean when you speak of close supervision?"
Example #8
"In my current role I work closely with my boss, we have cameras strategically located around the center, and we have regular check-ins every day. I think these measures are great because they reassure parents while protecting the workers and children at the same time. Could you share with me the supervision measures you take here?"
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