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ADP Interview

25 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns
Updated April 3rd, 2020 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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Do you know what ADP stands for?

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Interview Questions


Do you know what ADP stands for?

If you visit their website, you will find that ADP is a company that provides Human Capital Management, assisting businesses with anything from payroll to benefit administration.

Do your research to make sure you are familiar with their company name, and a bit about their history.

Rachelle's Answer

"From my understanding, ADP stands for 'Automatic Data Processing.' It is a common term used in pay-rolling as well."


Tell me about a time you had to learn a new task. How did you go about learning it?

Much of what you will learn at ADP will be self-taught, or on-the-job training. Show the interviewer that you are a keen employee with a full understanding of how you most effectively learn.

Think of an example from school or work when you had to learn a new skill. It could have been a challenging course in school that required you to think outside of the box. Maybe you needed to learn a task on-the-job that stretched you beyond your typical realm of thinking.

Start by addressing how you learned the topic. Perhaps you went to study groups to interact with other students. Maybe you reviewed independently. Or, possibly learning this new task required a more hands-on approach. Think about how you adapted to the new material and what helped you learn in the process.

Rachelle's Answer

"Last month our company introduced a completely new client management software program. I am quite tech savvy, but this program was very robust, even for me. I found a few tutorials online and started to teach myself the program after work. I wanted to have a head start before we had our in-office training."


What is your greatest weakness?

Pick a weakness that is not a core skill for this position. You can be candid in your answer; recognizing that you aren't great at something and acknowledging your need to improve. Be sure to have an action plan in place for improving on this weakness.

Perhaps you are watching TED talks to gain skills in a particular area, reading the latest-and-greatest book on the subject, or maybe you are taking a seminar at a nearby community center. We are all human, and all have weaknesses, so don't be afraid to share yours!

Rachelle's Answer

"I believe I could improve in some technical skills including Excel and PowerPoint. Currently I am at a beginner to intermediate level; however, I would be more comfortable at an advanced level. I have enrolled myself in an evening/weekend workshop for the next six weeks. We will see how stellar my skills are after that course!"


How can ADP services benefit multinational businesses?

This question challenges you to know about the extensive business / global business services that ADP offers its clients and to understand the importance of those offerings fully. On the ADP website, you can see that they provide specific solutions for businesses of all sizes. Show that you are interested in their unmatched business solutions by highlighting a couple of critical points.

Rachelle's Answer

"I believe that large, and multi-national, business benefits from ADP services in many ways. Primarily, your intelligent reporting systems and online record keeping services greatly reduce the time a large company would spend on paperwork. This increases the time available for managing and training their valued employees."


ADP is one of most well-known payroll services companies in the world. Why should we hire you over another candidate?

What the interviewer is asking is, 'What makes you stand out?' Because ADP is a giant corporation, you can bet that they receive hundreds of resumes when they post a job opening.

This is the time to sell yourself! Think of your top three greatest strengths, and try to tie those into the qualities outlined by ADP in their job description.

Maybe you are innately positive and can cheer others up when they are having a bad day. Perhaps you are an expert in dispute resolution. Write down a few examples of the most influential personal skills that come to mind. If you're not sure where to start, review your resume, paying close attention to your accomplishments. Think about the qualities that propel you to excel on a regular basis.

Rachelle's Answer

"I see in your job description that you are looking for a candidate with strong personal-drive and exceptional people skills. In my current position, I was nominated three times for the customer service award. I never give up when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of my clients. If you gave me this opportunity, I would bring these exceptional customer service skills to work for you."


How do you prioritize multiple projects when they all seem equally important?

Prioritizing is a skill that requires practice. There are many approaches you can take. Here are some suggestions:

1) Make a list. By thinking through and writing down each item that needs to be completed, you can see it on paper.
2) Mark what is urgent or essential. Take into account deadlines and meetings.
3) Order each task based on effort and estimated value. Considering due dates and how long it will take to do each item (also considering how much time you have).

In answering this question, show the interviewer that you have a system in place that helps you to think through what needs to happen when. The better you can prioritize, the more productive you will be, making you an asset to ADP!


What are you hoping to gain from this role at ADP, that you did not receive in your previous job?

There are a few things companies don't like to hear, and one of those things is negativity about your past employer. Even if your boss was horrible, there's no need to share that in an interview.

Employers want to hear about your interest in growth, and long-term investment in the company. They want to hear that you are interested in a career, rather than a job. If you are currently unemployed, explain that your decision to leave your last role was well thought out. If you are presently working, speak very diplomatically about why you are looking.

Rachelle's Answer

"My current job helped me hone my sales skills and cultivated my desire to be a leader. Over the past four years, I have taken advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. I have now reached a point where I feel stagnant in my career, which is why I jumped at the chance to apply with ADP. This position would offer me so much more training in leadership and sales. Because you are a larger corporation, the growth opportunities will be endless. I do not like to jump from job to job; however, it is time for me to seek a bigger opportunity actively."


Culture fit is really important to us at ADP. How would you describe your workplace personality?

Your workplace personality, and how you fit in with the ADP culture, is important. A negative culture will significantly influence employee productivity and turnover. Ignoring 'fit' can be a very costly mistake for a company.

It is essential for you to clearly outline to the interviewer what motivates you, what your communication style is, as well as a few other factors that could best describe your character.

Here are a few things that potential employers like to hear:

- I show up and perform, no matter what.
- I apply my core values to everything that I do.
- I consistently submit quality work.
- I am a positive person to be around.
- I happily collaborate with my coworkers to successfully work towards a greater goal.
- I apply discipline to my work and encourage the same of my co-workers.

Employers highly regard those who take accountability, can self-motivate, and are highly collaborative.

Rachelle's Answer

"I enjoy working with a team, but I am also able to self-manage and don't need a lot of supervision to excel. I enjoyed working with my last team because it was a transparent, feedback-driven environment. We all worked professionally together, but had a good balance of fun and laughed a lot."


At ADP we like to recognize our most dedicated employees. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?

We all like to be recognized in some way for our accomplishments in the workplace. Share with the interviewer how you would like to be known for your hard work at ADP. Through gifts? Financial perks? Public recognition? Kind words? Title promotions?

Rachelle's Answer

"I am very much an over-achiever and find that the best way for me to be recognized for a job well done is to be given words of kindness and recognition. I am easily encouraged, and the best reward for me is to know that my hard work is being noticed."


Tell me about a time when you used your own judgement and the result was not successful.

Interviewers want to know that they can trust you and that you can trust your judgement. Everyone will have a fail from time to time; however, it's all about how you respond to the perceived failure. Following through with your responsibilities is the bottom line, but sometimes you encounter situations where it's just not possible.

Perhaps your manager asked you to do something without providing the proper instructions, and you were left to figure things out on your own. Maybe your co-worker called in sick during a crucial deadline, and you had to scramble to cover for them while maintaining your workload. When you explain the situation, focus on what you did to ensure the best results, even if the outcome was sub-par.

Rachelle's Answer

"I was working on a presentation with a co-worker, and his wife ended up in emergency surgery. I worked 14 hour days to make sure the presentation was complete, but I was in such a hurry I made some errors that reflected poorly on us. The client was not pleased. I learned that even in emergency situations, you always need to double check your work and get someone else to review it as well."


Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.

Talking about your most significant accomplishment will give the interviewer a definite idea of where you place your values. It will also show the interviewer more about your personality, how you like to be motivated, and how to coach you in the future. It is okay to brag a little bit when answering this question. Show that you are proud of yourself and your career accomplishments!

Rachelle's Answer

"The greatest accomplishment in my career was graduating University as an honors student while still working full time in a related field. I was top of my class, and working full time. This showed me that I could dedicate myself to my career, and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much and be recognized for my dedication."


Why do you want a career with ADP?

ADP wants to hire individuals who are passionate about their company, and the work they set out to do. The interviewer wants to hear what you specifically like about ADP. They want to know that you are impressed by their achievements and that you desire to grow with such an innovative company!

If you don't know much about ADP, visit their website and also research what other people are saying about them. is an excellent resource to see how employees rate their work experience. Find out two to three positive attributes of the company and then share your excitement.

Rachelle's Answer

"I want to work with ADP because you have an unmatched training program. You are so much more than just a payroll services company, which is amazing. Also, ADP has ranked 18 times on the Top 50 Companies for Diversity. I find this to be incredible."


How would a small business benefit from using ADP?

This question challenges you to know about the small businesses services that ADP offers its clients and to understand the importance of those offerings fully. On the ADP website, you can see that they provide specific solutions for businesses of all sizes. Show that you are interested in their small business solutions by highlighting a couple of crucial points.

Rachelle's Answer

"I believe that small business benefits from ADP services in many ways. Primarily, your small business services are designed to help a small business owner to proactively manage their company and staff while reducing compliance-related risks that result in costly litigation."


Besides payroll, what other services do we offer at ADP?

The more knowledge you possess about ADP, the more you can impress the interviewer. They want to see that you aren't just looking for any job; you want to work for them! Demonstrate your interest in learning as much as you can about the company, before your interview.

Depending on the role you are interviewing for, you may need to be more familiar with the human resources services they offer or perhaps you would be wise to spend more time learning about the taxes section of their software.

Here are the primary services offered by ADP:

- Payroll
- Time and attendance
- Talent and performance management
- Reporting
- Strategic insights
- Fully outsourced on-demand HR expertise


Tell me about your experience and how it is relevant to this role with ADP.

The interviewer is asking you to take a few minutes to bring your resume to life for them. Show them exactly how your existing background is a match for the skills they are seeking in their star candidate.

With open-ended questions, like this one, you should stick with the most recent and relevant information to avoid lost rambling. This question is not an invitation to start with, 'Back in 1987, I was fresh out of college and decided to join the traveling circus for a year.'.

Highlight your biggest accomplishments! These accomplishments could include awards, accolades, and any other ways that you have received recognition for your great work. Be sure to refer to the ADP job description for some relevant keywords, and tie those into your answer.

Rachelle's Answer

"For the past three years, I have been working an inside sales role for your competitor, XYZ Company. My background includes experience in consultative sales, solutions selling, as well as new employee training. Since joining my current company, I have been on the sales leader-board every month except one. I received recognition for my high percentage of positive customer feedback. The highest in my region, in fact. All of this experience has prepared me for a larger sales role, which is why I applied to ADP. I have what it takes to meet your needs. I am tech savvy, an engaged leader, and a strong sales contributor."

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