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Wedding Planner Interview

27 Questions and Answers by Clara Canon
Updated February 10th, 2020 | Clara is a career coaching expert and has supported individuals landing positions in education, nonprofit, corporate, and beyond.
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How do you support the couple in navigating complex family dynamics?

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How do you support the couple in navigating complex family dynamics?

Ideally, planning a wedding is all about the couple, but sometimes there are complex family dynamics that have to be addressed in order to make it a happy and stress-free process for the couple. This question touches on the 'therapist' side of being a Wedding Planner, so you'll need to be clear with yourself and the couple on how much you will be able to support them in this. You might be able to mediate and provide tips and tools for them to manage these relationships, or you might refer them to an external professional.

Clara's Answer

"Many couples encounter some sort of challenge with a difference of opinion or complication between families - this is very common. I often work with the couple to identify what is important to them as a couple versus what they are inheriting from family expectations. If they are different between the couple and the families, then that is one thing. If they are different between the families, then I work with them to identify a compromise embodying the two. If the family dynamics are more nuanced and complex, then I might seek a third party to support them in navigating their challenges. That way, we can make our meetings and our relationship about the couple and the wedding, not about challenges in the family."


Do you work well under pressure?

Weddings are high-pressure situations, particularly when you are executing a couple's vision that might not feel entirely natural to you. It is your job to ensure that any hiccups go unnoticed by the couple and the guests, which means you are absorbing any challenges and the pressure that comes with them. Be sure to demonstrate *how* you work well under pressure to add weight and legitimacy to your answer beyond a simple 'yes.'

Clara's Answer

"Absolutely. I believe that any pressure I feel in wedding planning encourages a 'good stress' that drives my motivation to work hard, communicate well, and practice great efficiency."


Do you have contract length restrictions?

Wedding planners might be hired from the very start of the planning process through the very end of the wedding, itself. They might be hired halfway through the process or even closer to the wedding date. When answering this question, consider whether or not you might accept short contracts, much longer contracts, or all contracts.

Clara's Answer

"Yes, I find that I am best able to support the couple to the fullest extent when I have a greater sense of the event. So, I rarely accept contracts for day-of support only. I generally like to be working with the couple for a minimum of 2 months prior to the wedding."


What makes a wedding successful?

This question leans on your opinion, though it can help to inform your response with any information you know about the couple (or hiringcompany). When answering this question, consider connecting your measure of success to the main goals and desires of the couple which were used to frame the wedding from the start.

Clara's Answer

"I believe that a wedding is successful when the couple appears happy, relaxed, and full of love. The most important part of any wedding, in my opinion, is the couple, so as long as they have truly enjoyed themselves and feel pure happiness, then I consider the event a success. Even if every logistical component to a wedding is flawless, I would still consider it a less successful event if the couple didn't appear to have enjoyed themselves."


What is the best advice you have for newlyweds?

Wedding Planners support and guide couples through a thorough and stressful journey, and sometimes they might serve as a sort of therapist or counselor during the planning process. When a couple hires a Wedding Planner, they are actively seeking advice and support, so consider what advice you might provide to the couple. To keep it simple and safe, you might draw a connection between your advice and your profession or the event itself.

Clara's Answer

"I often have couples comparing their events to other weddings and comparing their relationship to other couples. The best advice I can give to those couples is to not compare because no two couples are the same. It can be easy for us to lose sight of what we want when comparing to others, so I always try to bring it back to the two most important people in the relationship - the newlyweds themselves!"


What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?

Each wedding is a little different based on the couple, and some weddings are particularly unique. Unique might mean that a couple skipped the popular destination wedding sites and chose to get married in a remote, ancient church in Scotland, or it might mean that they eloped while sky diving and held a big reception afterward. When answering this question, you don't need to search for the most jaw-dropping response - consider what unique means to you and simply explain what made that wedding unique.

Clara's Answer

"The most unique wedding I've ever planned held the ceremony on a Viking-style ship, and the wedding party styled themselves as Vikings. It was a sunset wedding, and the reception was held in an old stone cathedral. It was incredible to participate in and to witness."


What strategies do you have to save money on generally expensive components of a wedding?

Expenses associated with weddings are often exceptionally high, even for a lower budget event. It is important for you to be aware of the ways in which the couple can cut costs in a few areas, like the band, food, venue, and so on. Be sure to do your research on a few options to present for several components of the wedding for the couple to pick and choose from.

Clara's Answer

"I find that there are many ways to save money on weddings while still accomplishing the core of what the couple wants. For example, if a couple wants dinner service at their wedding, but the plated options are too pricey, then I might suggest a basic buffet-style dinner. If the couple wants to save money on music, then I might advise that they hire a band for the initial portion of the reception and transition to a pre-selected playlist to save on a DJ. I always encourage them to explore their networks for ways to save money as well, such as friends who are photographers, chefs, venue owners, and so on. When considering all of these angles, couples are able to save a considerable amount of money on the overall event."


What made you want to be a wedding planner?

This question is purely for the interviewer to get to know a little more about you in a fun way, so definitely lead with honesty. There is no one answer that your interviewer wants or needs to hear, so take a moment to reflect on the start of your career and what influenced where you are today. You might have enjoyed planning your own wedding so much that you wanted to support others as well, or maybe you identified that you are highly skilled in planning such events and wanted to support a high-need industry.

Clara's Answer

"I have enjoyed planning events from a very early age. I would always ask my parents to let me help coordinate birthday parties for me and my siblings, and I only got more involved with event planning as I grew up. I remember when I first decided I wanted to make the switch to weddings full time. I checked my mail one day and received 3 different wedding invitations all at once. I was amused to think of how different each of these weddings would be and excited to participate in the big day. At that moment, it dawned on me that wedding planning is an industry that is constantly evolving and every wedding is different, so I could use my skills and expertise to help others while keeping things dynamic and new for me each wedding. I absolutely love my job, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!"


What is the most unusual request you've received from a couple for their wedding?

Weddings can be full of surprises, and you might come across seemingly unusual requests, like finding and fitting tuxedos for a dog ring-bearer or booking a minister who is fluent in Klingon. Use this question to have some fun with your interviewers. They will enjoy learning about what you constitute as unusual as well as what experience you have with strange requests.

Clara's Answer

"I once had a couple request that their dog serve as the ring-bearer for the wedding ceremony. I had never considered dog tuxedo fittings or appropriate ring transportation devices that would match the d?cor, but I was thrilled to do the research! It ended up being a very touching part of the wedding, so it was well worth the additional preparation required."


What information do you seek from the couple in your initial meeting?

When starting the wedding planning process, it helps to understand as much about the couple as possible. The more you can understand and relate, the better you'll be able to interpret their interests and guide them when they feel stuck. When answering this question, consider what questions and topics best help you to understand the couple and inform your strategy. Topics might include: 'how did you two meet,' 'how has your ideal date night changed over the course of your relationship,' 'what do you value most about each other,' and so on.

Clara's Answer

"I find it crucial to get to know as much about the couple as possible in our initial meeting. My understanding of who they are as individuals and as a union drives much of my work with them, so I ask a series of questions: how did you meet, what was it about your partner that inticed you when you met, what do you most value about each other now, what was your very first date and what was the last date you went on, what dreams have you crossed off your list together and what dreams are still to come? I let their responses guide some of my follow-up questions, but I always try to glean as much information about them from past, present, and future as possible."


How do you encourage natural social interaction among guests?

Some couples need guidance on how to encourage guests to mingle and interact with one another in an organic way. This can help alleviate the couple from facilitating interaction themselves or overly stressing about certain dynamics throughout the event. You might consider portions of the event when it is easier to integrate social interaction, such as having a buffet of food instead of bringing it straight to the table. Consider preparing a few areas in which you might implement greater interaction.

Clara's Answer

"My first response to this is always to suggest buffet-style eating. Guests naturally mix and mingle while they wait in line to collect their food, so it's a nice way to bring people together. I also encourage brief intermissions throughout the program in order to allow guests to go chat at the bar or congregate elsewhere. Often, wedding timelines are so full that guests rarely have time to really chat and mingle. Finding ways to build in these breaks and congregation areas alleviates that challenge."


What elements of a wedding are you most willing and able to DIY?

Many couples love to incorporate DIY projects for their weddings to give a unique feel or to save money. Consider whether or not DIY projects are something that you will support and to what extent.

Clara's Answer

"I most enjoy DIYing the small touches of a wedding and reception that make a big impact, save a lot of money, and don't take too much time. In particular, I love DIYing the floral arrangements for table centerpieces and other decorative elements of the ceremony and reception. I absolutely love decorating with lights and tulle, so that is another component of d?cor that I enjoy doing myself. That said, I always enjoy hearing what the couple has in mind, and I'm open to new projects."


How are your communication skills?

When planning an event of this scale, communication is key. The interviewers want to ensure that your communication skills are strong beyond sending email updates. You need to demonstrate that you are a strong listener, that you consider the communication preferences of each individual, that you correspond in a timely and appropriate manner, and so on. When responding to this question, be sure to touch on as many aspects of your communication skills as possible and back them up with details.

Clara's Answer

"I have extensive experience with written and oral communication across a wide audience. I listen fully and carefully, and I seek to best understand how my clients prefer to communicate. I believe that strong communication can support higher levels of trust and confidence, so I place a great deal of importance and emphasis on establishing solid lines of communication early on in the planning process."


Are you a detail-oriented person?

Wedding Planners are expected to manage a high level of detail across multiple aspects of the wedding, so it will be key to demonstrate being detail-oriented. When answering this question, be sure to go beyond 'yes' and elaborate with more details or a key example demonstrating your ability to juggle many details at once.

Clara's Answer

"Absolutely. One of the reasons I initially began a career as a Wedding Planner was to enjoy the high level of detail required on a day-to-day basis. I thrive in environments where I am able to manage multiple components of a project at once - it keeps me on my toes and feels good to check so many things off of my list in a short period of time."


Do you do destination weddings?

Destination weddings can be anywhere from a few hours away to a completely different country. When answering this question, consider whether or not you are willing and able to coordinate all aspects of a wedding, including local vendors, in a potentially unfamiliar location. Destination weddings require travel, so keep this in mind as well when considering your response.

Clara's Answer

"I absolutely do, though I tend to stick with destinations that I know well. While I am certainly willing to work with a new destination, I always encourage couples to hire a local planner to that area or at least a planner with a great deal of experience in that area. I find that it allows the couple to get the best deals and best vendors when more local expertise is given."

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27 Wedding Planner Interview Questions
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Interview Questions

  1. How do you support the couple in navigating complex family dynamics?
  2. Do you work well under pressure?
  3. Do you have contract length restrictions?
  4. What makes a wedding successful?
  5. What is the best advice you have for newlyweds?
  6. What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?
  7. What strategies do you have to save money on generally expensive components of a wedding?
  8. What made you want to be a wedding planner?
  9. What is the most unusual request you've received from a couple for their wedding?
  10. What information do you seek from the couple in your initial meeting?
  11. How do you encourage natural social interaction among guests?
  12. What elements of a wedding are you most willing and able to DIY?
  13. How are your communication skills?
  14. Are you a detail-oriented person?
  15. Do you do destination weddings?
  16. How do you support the balance of traditional components with a multi-religious or non-denominational wedding?
  17. What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a Wedding Planner?
  18. How many weddings have you planned thus far?
  19. How do you involve a busy couple with the timeline and to-do list?
  20. Are you willing and able to coordinate with additional friends and family members in the planning process?
  21. Tell me about a time where something went wrong at a wedding and what you did to correct it.
  22. What area of wedding planning do you enjoy most?
  23. What made you choose a career as a Wedding Planner?
  24. Are you available and willing to work holidays and weekends?
  25. How would you accommodate a multi-cultural wedding?
  26. What challenge excites you the most when it comes to wedding planning?
  27. What drives your vision when planning a wedding?
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