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What do you know about our church?

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Senior Pastor Interview Questions

  • 1. What do you know about our church?

  • 2. How does your past pastoral experiences directly relate to the environment you would be in at our church?

  • 3. Describe to me your teaching style, what is your goal week in, week out, and how do you connect each lesson to a bigger goal that you have prepared?

  • 4. What was the last book/gospel you read outside of preparing for a lesson?

  • 5. Outside of greeting people as they exit service, how do you plan on connecting with every member at our church? Which ways have you done this at your last church?

  • 6. Have you listened to any of our services from our past or former senior pastor? In which ways do you believe you would be similar and differ from our former pastor?

  • 7. What would your goal/vision be for our church?

  • 8. If you are not selected by us, where would you go from here?

  • 9. In your opinion, what makes a great sermon? Give me a breakdown and how you try to implement each technique into your own sermons.

  • 10. Do you believe it is important for a church to have small groups? If so, what would you keep, and what would you want to change with our small groups?

  • 11. What types of activities, groups, events, etc, do you believe are missing from our church, and something you would like to implement if you became our senior pastor?

  • 12. Do you want to lead a church that is on fire for God? How would you get the congregation on board?

  • 13. How do you deal with problems inside the church? Tell me about one, and how you handled it?

  • 14. What attracted you to our church?

  • 15. What ideas did you have for your former church that you never got to implement, but would like to take a shot at here?

  • 16. Describe to me how you would deliver a Christmas sermon that reaches and touches the people in attendance who aren't regularly there throughout the year?