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Tell me about a time when you failed to help an individual, what happened?

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Clergy Interview Questions

  • 1. Tell me about a time when you failed to help an individual, what happened?

  • 2. What aspects of ministry are you most passionate about and why?

  • 3. What interests you the most about this possible new opportunity?

  • 4. Would you say you are an inspiring speaker?

  • 5. How many hours do you believe it requires to be a clergy person?

  • 6. Tell me about the most difficult experience dealing with an individual and how you overcame it to help this individual?

  • 7. Would you like your church to be involved in church softball leagues, basketball leagues, volleyball leagues, etc?

  • 8. Do you have any activities for senior citizens planned?

  • 9. How do you get youth involved in your church?

  • 10. What classes have you created that had a positive response?

  • 11. Do you enjoy giving bible study?

  • 12. Tell me your number one reason for being a clergy person?

  • 13. Tell me about a time when you helped an individual more than you previously had expected?

  • 14. How long do you prefer your sermons to go?

  • 15. Our church is declining in attendance, what efforts will you make to bring back attendance?

  • 16. Was there ever a point in your career where you did not have time to write a sermon, what did you do?

  • 17. Are you involved in the high tech sermons given by more modern churches, for example, using power point slides during your sermon?

  • 18. What was your most inspirational sermon?

  • 19. Tell me about the best sermon you have given?

  • 20. If you had more time to serve, what activity or duty would you choose?

  • 21. What is your favorite activity as a clergy person?

  • 22. What point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a clergy person?