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Why do you want to work for our company?
The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about some aspect of the organization. What do you like most about this company? Have you heard great things about it? Do they offer great benefits? Does the job have a unique aspect that appeals to you? Simply share what you like most about the company, and share that this is a big part of why you want to work for this organization!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you want to work for our company?
This company offers all the aspects that I have been looking for in a career.
I feel that I have experience that is valuable to a company such as this and I would like to share my skills and help this company grow. I also feel this company is growing and I would love to be a part of that growth.
I like your company and I think what I can help your company by my work.
I have been working here for 13 years and I have gone to the top within my job. I feel now I am up for the task of a change to managment.
I would like to work for this company because I believe I have what it takes such as the experience and drive this company need to continue to succeed.
The company does a lot of good for people.
To grow and progress as a person and career wise.
Your company provides the best customer service which is very important for the company.
I like how your company has developed plans to help people and I feel that I would fit in this position to help acheive goals.
LG is well known and I am sure working with this company will provide me wit security.
Will like to enhance on my skill set and broaden my knowledge gained so far.
My dream company and meets the expectation for my career growth.
Your company is helping many automobile companies in various services since 1955. By providing them excellent services, skilled workforce and real time and up to date solutions to their problems. Managers and other employees have their rights to which they responsibly use to help out the customer and bringing a win-win situation for both company and customer.
I handle my situations very happly.
I have been watching for an opportunity to join the company for 5 years and want the opportunity to bring my skill sets to work for you.
I work for the company for long and is still my vision and passion.
This is a company that has a good reputation in this city. I know it cares for its employees and I enjoy working in manufacturing and a busy environment.
Many times I have listion about this organization, If I will get an opportunity to work with this organization. I will use my ability and caliber & produce better results.
I want to be a part of successful company.
I want to improved my self on the ther business.
Its a great opportunity to work in this company where I can use my skills to grow organization and mine too.
I desire to work for your company because your company has a good reputation for growth, employee involvement and education and your company is doing good thing in the community. I believe my experience in warehousing and supervision would make me a excellent candidate for the Warehouse supervisor position. I have a lot to offer in the area of team building, training and continuous improvement skills. I enjoy working with others and helping other meet their daily goals through my experience in problem solving.
I am currant working for this up and coming continously improving company and its a good company to work for.
I would like to work for your company as this is one of the best groups in the world and have sustainable growth and career opportunities.
To get an experience and to work with team player.
I see your company is a emerging company that has the value and working will be a great opportunity to be part of the company.
Because I am trying to start a career.
I think this company has come far from just being a decking company. We're getting greener every day . I feel this company can use I guy li j e me.
This is a Company that will enhance my technical, problem-solving and communication skills.
To contribute my best and skill to the growth of the company and expand my scope and horizon...
I have multiple years of experience in warehousing positions and want to share my skills that I have learned from my previous jobs to my associates.
I want to become someone.
I would like to work for the company because ive been here for over a year or so now and I absolutely love my job. I plan on making southern glazer a career.
To make money to pay bills in the house.
I want to work for your company so I can bring my managing skills and help the process improve and eliminate human error.
Treat your workers good with benefits. And there is always opportunity to learn and move up in company.
I am passionate about animals and thier well being. I believe that I can be a part of something great with you.
You have a history as a good company to work for and I want to be a part of that history going forward.
I think that your company provides both the challenge and stability I need for my family and I to take the next step in our careers.
I have heard it is a great company that I can utilize my skill set and grow within the company.
Your company has a history of employee satisfaction which is important when I choose a job. I usually devote numerous years to my employers and like them to be companies that care about their employees which in turn motivates my work to even higher levels.
I want to stay in AHS because now I understand the environment and I know how to communicate with different levels and I feel that I am ready for the next step in my Supply Chain career.
I want to work here because its a fast paced company and there is always something new to learn, to further my experience with the company.
I feel the organisation has a reputable image, with strong roots in Hull. I feel as though this is a place that will invest in me personally, and somewhere where I can grow as a manager.
Want to work for a well established company and grow with them.
Seeking advancement in the company.
It's a company the is growing and I'm wanting to be apart of the team where I could grow with learn and even get more knowledge move up with the company and be and feel the reward growing with a great company.