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What mistakes have you made while being a leader for a group in the past? How have you learned from them?
How to answer
We all make mistakes, and it is okay to share your mistakes during an interview! The key is sharing what you learned from the mistake, how you grew from the experience, and how it made you a better leader today. Begin by sharing a mistake you made while being a leader for a group. You might share that you jumped into work without getting to know your team. You may share that you forgot to send a reminder email for a very important meeting and half the group was late. You might share that you placed an order for the wrong materials and it set your group back by one week. Openly share your whoopsies with the interviewer. Next, share how guilty you felt when you realized your mistake, and mention what steps you took to ensure the mistake never happened again. Finally, discuss how going through that experience has made you a better leader.
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User-Submitted Answers

What mistakes have you made while being a leader for a group in the past? How have you learned from them?
I was too much concious for discrepancies in stock level.
Letting my emotions get the best of me and showing the frustration to co-workers.I have learned that in order to keep a positive environment at work you need to display positive behaviour.
Shared information that was borderline confidential and it used to push back on assignments and productivity.
Letting my emotions get the better let my subordinates see my frustration.
Delegating Trying to do everything myself I have learned I can not.
Getting to close/attached to my team members makes it difficult to discipline them but I am improving and are getting better.
While implementing new technology it has shown me that my way may not be the best. I am able to admit that and learn from it.
Getting so involved in a production issue that I lost track of some of the other moving pieces. When these type issues come up the leads have the authority to act on my behalf to keep all aspects of the operation running successfully.
Mistakes - problably not delegating enough... Doing things too much on my own at first... But realizing that delegating production flows more smoothly and gets done faster.
I really don't recall any mistakes I have made as a leader but I would say that one is where I want to help employees who are falling behind in their work. I should really look at the way they are working and try to make them work in a more efficient manner and manage their time more effectively.
Too much angry with my collegues when they are wrong, diplomatic should be .
What I have learned from the mistake of completing my part of a group project is to always discuss it with the team and share your ideas before completion.
Too much pressure on myself and toouch trust in others. I have learned to allocate the pressures more by being more organised therefor taking the pressure off.
I did not handle the issue at the time well and made a poor choice in problem solving. I now take an extra moment to come up with a better solution and that is also based on experience.
Beeing to demanding and meticulous sometimes.
Becoming impaicent with an associate that interrupts, looking at it as an opportunity for the associates growth instead of an interruption of a task at hand.
Empathy for employees. Dont make exceptions to the rules.