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How well do you get along with your superiors? How often do you like to communicate with them?
You get along with them great! Interviewers need to hear that you are a team-player supporting leadership and that you communicate well with people at all levels of the organization. Begin by telling the interviewer that you get along great with company leadership, and you trust their expertise to make great decisions! Next, share how often you are accustomed to communicating with your superiors. You may talk with them daily, or you may only communicate with them quarterly. Whatever your communication scenario, openly share it with the interviewer.

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User-Submitted Answers

How well do you get along with your superiors? How often do you like to communicate with them?
I had a good relationship with the VP, we communicated daily. The amount of time depended on projects, tasks at hand, general process,
Great - I go to the morning HOD's meetings and have built a good rapport with all departments.
Very well . As often as I can.