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How do you keep your warehouse employees motivated and to stay focused on the companies objectives?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Warehouse Supervisor interview

As a supervisor, you understand what it takes to motivate a group of people! Think about the fun ways you have encouraged people to achieve their goals in the past. Have you created a fun contest? Did you have an award for reaching a goal? Or, maybe you simply complimented your staff sharing how much you appreciate their hard work and talents, and that was enough of a push to keep them going. Simply share what techniques you have utilized in the past to keep your team motivated!

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How do you keep your warehouse employees motivated and to stay focused on the companies objectives?
I keep employees motivated through consistent interaction that allows them to be part of the decision making and present their ideas as a team.
My management style is to be on the same level as my employees and develop friendship along with trust to ensure a stable work relationship. I also strive to be the best at all their jobs which helps me know exactly the best scenario to accomplish the companies goals with each department.
Communication, provide a clear direction and line of site that benefits both the associates and the company, work towards buy in, each associate can respond differently, accountability and recognition is important.
I usually have tasks layed out for them so their is always something for them to do and keep busy. I also treat each employee as a person and get to know their style which helps in choosing the best methods to help motivate their particular personality.
I try to engage them in important decisions, listen to their concerns, and treat everyone fairly.
I think about objectives and try to complete them with a timely matter, I also try to stay in the situation as much as I can to keep the employees on task.
I keep the employees focused by stating the day with pre-shift meeting which will inform the of the current treads in the company, any Hr updates and focused driven objectives for the day or week ahead. During the day I will periotically check on the employees task progress and compliment the on success or discuss any obstacles they may be facing to maintain there goals and help them work around the obstacles.
Clear communication, empowerment and a comfortable working atmosphere.
By maintaining a positive attitude during tedious projects. Also by taking the time out to have detailed conversations, notifying the employees on the good job they are doing.
Daily tasks lists and change roles each day. Builds there capability and closes gaps on areas they may not have solid exposure too. Explain reasoning on why we are doing certain things so they are aware of the big picture.
Maintaining company profitablility will drive job security.
By thinking of the end goal.
By engaging with my team in terms of communication. I lead by example to demonstrate how I want things done and jump in and help when needed.
Giving them good feedback and updating on all news in company.
Open line of communication. Clarify objectives and goals.

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