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Do you work well on a team? How would you define teamwork?
Absolutely! The interviewer needs to hear that you work well on a team because being a supervisor means that you are leading the team! Begin by telling the interviewer that you work well on a team. Next, share that teamwork means having a group of people working cohesively together towards the same set of goals and objectives. It means that everyone understands their part of the puzzle, and people are willing to help each other reach the mutual goals.

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you work well on a team? How would you define teamwork?
I do work well in a team setting, I would describe teamwork by comparing it to a flock of geese, we as a group will function better if we all work together, but any one of us should be able to lead, if given the opportunity.
I like to work on a team. I think that without a team can not succeed.
I would define team work as getting the job done whether that means if I have to do more then the guy next to me as long as the work gets finished.
We all work together and be productive get work done by end of day.
Yes, when everyone within a team has a common vision or goal and pulls together to achieve the same result.
Team work can brin out the best in people who are willing to be open. Its always good to hear different ideas and to know the role you will play.
Communication and find a way to work together to get the maximum synergy.
Yes. Team work to me is working together as a group to achieve a set goal.
Yes of course I do. I will define teamwork very well .
Yes, teamwork is all the parts working toward the same goal. Within each department you have a team that is working toward the production goals for that department. However, each department affects the other departments in the organization and it is critical to understand how what you are doing affects the next department in the process. All the parts have to work together in order for the organization to succeed.
Absolutely, I love it when the end goal requires more than the effort of just one person.. Teamwork is collaborating effectively and efficiently and understanding our own roles in achieving one or more common goals.
One team, intergrity, always positive.
Yes, I work very well in a team. A team is made of team members and one has to determine the strength of each member and delegate.
Is working together, helping each other .
Yes I work well on a team, I define teamwork as each person working together as a team to achieve they goals.
Yes I work well in a team. Team work is involving everyone. Taking on new ideas helping each other.
I do work well as a team. Teamwork is when even though I am a Supervisor and my subordinate has many duties doing I can help out to get things done because at the end of the day it won't just be that the person did not get things done but the Warehouse so its best to work as a team.
A lot can be archive as a team, team work, goes well with me.
I work best when on a team. To me teamwork is everyone in the work place doing everything possible to make sure the rest of the team is happy and safe. And has a clean workspace to work in.
Yes I feel very comforting.
I work very well on or off a team. Team work is making sure that all parts of a project runs smoothly and in order to make that happen, you have to work with every ones different skills and apply those skills to the project.
I am a team player and a leader at times when it is needed. I prefer to take the lead and will work hard to ensure the team is happy with my efforts.
Yes. Teamwork combines individual strengths together for a common goal as the team focuses its collective performance to meet or exceed the expectations of the team.
I work great in a team and teamwork is exactly that ability. To not put yourself first but to use the team and work together to help accomplish the goals at hand.
Yes, I have individual strengths that are improved by strengths from other team members, I helps be achieve better results, a group of associates working together to achieve a common goal, I do think it is important how the team defines teamwork.
Teamwork is about compromises, understanding, and mutual goals.
Teamwork to me is everyone pulling together to achieve what we say we are going to achieve. We set daily, and weekly targets and strive to meet them. We must be open in our communication and if we have an issue resolve. All personnel are trained in all areas so if we want to leave down the track we have a capability that looks good on a resume but we won't as we would remain loyal.
I can work in team or alone it's not a problem both ways.
Yes. All members on a team who can work, talk, respect each other and their opinions and can get the job done at the end of the day.