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Do you work well on a team? How would you define teamwork?
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Yes, I have individual strengths that are improved by strengths from other team members, I helps be achieve better results, a group of associates working together to achieve a common goal, I do think it is important how the team defines teamwork.
I work great in a team and teamwork is exactly that ability. To not put yourself first but to use the team and work together to help accomplish the goals at hand.
I can work in team or alone it's not a problem both ways.
We all work together and be productive get work done by end of day.
I like to work on a team. I think that without a team can not succeed.
Yes I work well on a team, I define teamwork as each person working together as a team to achieve they goals.
Team work can brin out the best in people who are willing to be open. Its always good to hear different ideas and to know the role you will play.
Teamwork to me is everyone pulling together to achieve what we say we are going to achieve. We set daily, and weekly targets and strive to meet them. We must be open in our communication and if we have an issue resolve. All personnel are trained in all areas so if we want to leave down the track we have a capability that looks good on a resume but we won't as we would remain loyal.
A lot can be archive as a team, team work, goes well with me.
Yes. All members on a team who can work, talk, respect each other and their opinions and can get the job done at the end of the day.